Aquatwister, the Most Exciting Tour in Cancun

Aquatwister is one of the most popular and exciting Aquaworld´s adventure tours. The 20 seated speed boat speeds and winds, turns and splashes through the Nichupte Lagoon and scenic mangroves much like an aquatic roller coaster.

This 30 minute adrenaline pumping tour will keep your heart racing. Aquatwister is a fun and thrilling ride, this is the most exciting tour in Cancun in which you will have a great experience. The best part is that it is not only for adults but children older than 7 years too.

About the Tour

The 30 minute tour is fun, fast and thrilling as you speed and twist through the clear waters of Nichupte Lagoon and mangroves. Feel the wind on your face, whipping through your hair and the water while it wets your skin as you glide rapidly through the waves.

The tour includes a lifejacket and the seats are strapped to ensure safety and comfort while you enjoy this heart racing adventure. It’s best not to bring cameras, cellphones and sunglasses, you will get wet as the Aquatwister drives through the waves at a high speed so it is possible that you might loose some of your belongings.

This ultimate Cancun Adventure tour will leave you feeling breathless. Feel the excitement and see what others are talking about. This unique and thrilling experience is only available in one place, in Aquaworld!

Exciting Speed Boat

The Aquatwister is a great choice for people looking for some adventure. Similar to the other tours available, the Aquatwister is more like a roller coaster ride with seats for up to twenty people.
The strapped in safety seats allow you to enjoy the adventure whipping through the water and even putting your hands up in the air. The guides will be there driving the speed boat and also in case you need assistance, this ride is safe and enjoyable for everyone.
The speed boat is unique, more people can enjoy the thrill together as if in a natural aquatic theme park!

The natural setting is a great way to experience Cancun with a mixture of modern adventure and nature. The warm tropical climate makes this sort of thrill all the more enjoyable.

The tour was even ranked in the top 300 things to do in Cancun by TripAdvisor. The famous power brake stop in which the boat comes to a complete stop within two boat lengths will have you amazed.
With 270 degree spins and sideway slides, the excitement will keep you feeling delighted as you speed about 55 mph through the Caribbean waters. Excitement is guaranteed and seats fill up fast. With so many reasons to come and enjoy this tour, you would not want to miss out on the fun.
Aquatwister Cancun
While the tour is not available to children under 7 years old, Aquaworld offers a number of other tour options where whole families and younger children can be included. Come and experience the awesomeness of Aquatwister, the most exciting tour in Cancun! 

Also, if you are up for some smooth activities you can have a great time if you go divingswimming with dolphins or snorkeling with Aquaworld.

There are many great activities and tours offered of course, so if you want to find out more, you can contact us any time!

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