AquaWorld Cancun’s FlowRider Starts 2017 with a Splash

Welcome to the first FlowRider open to the public in Cancun! After a successful test ride, AquaWorld’s FlowRider debuts January 9, 2017.
AquaWorld Cancun has officially kicked off an awesome 2017 by adding a long awaited activity — the FlowRider!
This attraction combines the thrill of sport with unparalleled comfort and safety.
And, although the more advanced riders do all sorts of tricks, it’s an easy activity for beginners to start from zero.
Cancun’s FlowRider experience opens to the public Monday, January 9, 2017, at the AquaWorld marina.
It brings something new to the Cancun Hotel Zone, as it’s the first one open to the public.
“It’s the perfect mix of many things — fun, party, skate, surf — it’s quite entertaining,” said Martin Carbonell, coordinator of FlowRider operations at AquaWorld Cancun.
“It’s a very dignified sport, one that involves self-improvement everyday.”



 AquaWorld’s own FlowRider is already drawing lots of attention after a successful test run and debut this week.

The FlowRider’s patent describes it as, “A wave-forming generator for generating inclined surfaces on a contained body of water.”
However, the sport differs from surfing because of the position of the user’s body, “but all in all it’s the same interaction with water,” Carbonell said.
He highlighted the total safety and ease of the FlowRider for users of all ages.
“The surface is really soft. It’s like a trampoline,” he added. “If you know how to work out in water, it’s easy to understand it.”
Also, the FlowRider is paired up with a concession stand, which includes a bar, a restaurant, and a store focusing on water sport products.



Beginner riders test out the AquaWorld Cancun FlowRider and have an amazing time doing the ‘bodyboard’!

AquaWorld’s FlowRider would be only the fifth one in all Mexico, and it can serve up to 560 customers a day.
It can also be ridden at night.
Any person taller than 1 meter (39 inches) can do the “bodyboard” by lying down.
And anybody taller than 1.20 meters (47 inches) can try it standing up.
So if you’re ready to give it a try, reach out to us!
We’ll be happy to help you live the FlowRider experience right here in Cancun!

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