Aquaworld: a SUPER COMPANY of aquatic amusements

Year after year, Expansión magazine and TOP Companies evaluate thousands of companiesto make the ranking of “Super Companies: Places where everyone wants to work”, a recognition that evaluates the Culture and Organizational Climate of a company, with a high degree of reliability and international renown.

For the second consecutive year, Aquaworld Cancun is proud to receive this distinction and be part of the “Super Companies 2019” ranking, as one of the companies with the most innovative corporate practices that promote a positive work environment.

Aquaworld Cancun is part of the ranking “Súper Empresas 2019”.

Grupo Expansión points out that “the strategies to operate, attract and retain its human resources, diversity and inclusion in the hiring of its employees, constant motivation and the breaking of paradigms in different areas” are key to be part of the Super Companies, something with which Aquaworld Cancun wholeheartedly shares.

We are fully aware that our most valuable asset is our human capital, the people who day by day are the heart of our business. We thank all our collaborators for their passion, perseverance, unity, congruence and innovation that make us a company with a strong Organizational Culture, as well as a great family.

What are Super Companies?

During more than a decade of ranking publications, more than 6,850 companies have been evaluated; however, not all of them have met the necessary characteristics to be recognized as Super Companies. So, what defines a Super Company according to Expansión and Top Companies?

The companies that achieved the “Súper Empresas 2019” distinction, such as Aquaworld Cancun, are characterized by sharing the following qualities:

  1. Corporate practices that promote a positive work environment, are profitable and are committed to innovation.
  2. Strong work culture
  3. Defined objectives, processes and work policies
  4. Leaders involved in the work culture
  5. Genuine interest in continuous improvement
  6. Impeccable service
  7. Product quality
  8. Committed collaborators
  9. Working conditions that support the development of our collaborators.

Aquaworld’s human talent is our greatest treasure and inspiration, which is why we are proud to be recognized for fulfilling each of these qualities, always striving for the well-being of our employees.

What started as a dream is now a reality; being a 100% Mexican company and with more than 30 years of service, we have positioned ourselves as experts in aquatic fun and we are the largest marina in Mexico and Latin America. Today, we have dedicated ourselves to innovate in order to move forward.

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