Aquaworld joined the Scouts Tapatón 2016!

Aquaworld feels very proud of participating in this year’s Tapaton Scouts México! It was a wonderful experience.

The Tapaton is basically a charity that gathers bottle caps! We were able to reach our goal thanks to our visitors at Aquaworld constantly helping us gather these caps.

We delivered every cap to Fundación Aitana! The charity responsible for the Tapatón Yucatán. Aquaworld was happy to help!

The Tapatón focuses on aiding thousands of children around the country who are in need of cancer treatments. This past May 21st hundreds of people were present and an army of local boy scouts volunteered through out the country to recollect as many bottle caps as possible.

In fact, so many caps were gathered that it surpassed last years goal! Over 6.8 tons of plastic bottle caps were recollected. The exact amount of caps remains unknown – The caps are still being counted as you read this!

1,000 bottle caps pay for a child’s cancer treatment

The volunteers at Tapatón Scouts México worked really hard to visually represent the help they received. It took them a few hours to set up many of the caps they had gathered to do this beautiful work of art! 

If you want to know more about how the tapatón works, you can visit their offical Facebook and help with the process of recollecting bottle caps to give the children the treatment they need.