Feel the Addictive Speed of Aquaworld’s Waverunners

Experiment true freedom on board of our Jet Skis. Let the water splash on you and wash away your worries as you drive. Unlike other activities, here you are the one who decides where to go, how fast to go and how far to get.

This adventure takes place on the serene waters of the Nichupté Lagoon. But just because the setting looks peaceful it doesn’t mean your ride will be too. Since there are no waves, getting to full speed is very easy.

Speed that is Addictive

Once you get to full speed you’ll get addicted to the feeling of the wind blowing against you and the Jet Ski purring underneath you. There will be salty water splashing all over the place too which is very refreshing specially while driving underneath the sun.

You can ride along with your friends or family and make races, splash each other up and explore around. Or you can ride by yourself and enjoy the awesome scenery of Cancun’s hotel zone. Either option is guaranteed to be super fun and exciting!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

The Jet Skis are of the best quality and the staff always gives them the right maintenance to ensure your safety. All of this is done so you can focus solely in loosing yourself to the speed.

Don’t worry about falling off the waverunner either. You will only fall off if you decide to turn on full speed or something extreme like that. And even if you do, it won’t hurt you because you’ll land on water. And there are no sharks or crocodiles underwater, the most threatening things you could find are needlefish and the occasional seagull that flies too low.

This awesome activity is a perfect element for your AquaFUNtastic Day Pass because it is short, it is exciting, and most importantly: it is really, really FUN!