Aquaworld’s Jungle Tour is the most popular tour in Cancun

The Jungle Tour is Cancun’s signature snorkel tour, so what makes Aquaworld’s excursion stand out from the rest? Quality is guaranteed at Aquaworld. Ride through the channels and snorkel in the reef.

Drive your own boat and snorkel in Cancun!

A complete tour with fun, safety and beauty!

Aquaworld’s two seater speed boats were manufactured by us, because you asked for them. We strive to provide great customer service and when we received feedback that you preferred a speed option – we went to work.

Everyone that sees our yellow boats passing the Cancun Hotels and lagoon channels wants to know where they can ride one. Our distinctive vessels stand out from the crowd and measure 4.5 meters long with 30HP.

Snorkel in Punta Nizuc, part of the Mesoamerican Reef

The second largest reef in the world is in Cancun! The natural gardens in the area will leave you astounded. You will come face to face with hundreds of fish as they swim around in their natural habitat. Sea turtles are often found floating lazily amongst these waters as they graze on sea grass and algae.

Punta Nizuc is located within the National Marine Park of Cancun and Isla Mujeres, which means measures have been taken to protect the area. Conservation is of great importance to this area due to the number of visitors to the Cancun destination every year.

Therefore a small fee is charged per visitor to put towards the cost of conservation. Once you scuba dive or snorkel in the amazing coral reef of Cancun, you will see the need and be glad to help preserve our planet’s natural beauty.

Ride the ‘Limo’ boat

We listen to our customers and one of the common problems during our Cancun Jungle Tour was the limitation of two people per boat. What happens if there are three people in your party or perhaps a minor? The Jungle Tour is one of the most popular things to do with kids in Cancun. With the age limit at 5 years, as long as the child can swim, this activity is suitable.

This is why we came up with the Limo Boat: a larger version of the two seater boat; a great option for families who have up to four passengers.

Aquaworld’s Jungle Tour – Quality, value for money, top snorkeling in Cancun and of course fun!

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