Aquaworld’s Scuba Diving Certifications In Cancun

Newbie or advanced diver, it doesn’t matter! You should look at Aquaworld’s diving Certifications in Cancun because the fun you’ll have, isn’t measured by how pro you are at diving!

Scuba diving is an awesome way to enjoy to the fullest your vacations in Cancun!
If you want to know more about different certification levels in order to become a professional scuba diver, here you can find the review of the scuba diving certifications offered by Aquaworld in Cancun.

Diving Certifications Offered In Cancun

Open Water Certification

This 4-day course is organized so that the first day the participants will have theoretical lesson followed by a brief review. The next day you can apply the theoretical knowledge during your practical lesson with our seasoned instructors. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have! In Cancun you can complete a PADI certification or SDI (Scuba Diving International)

Referral Certification

During this 2-day course, you will visit Manchones reef and Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA). You can choose to do only 1 day, and complete it later, at your convenience.

Advanced Open Water Certification

Aquaworld Diving Certification Levels In Cancun And Riviera Maya

It includes 6 immersions and it takes three to four days.

Emergency First Response

This cert is available in Cancun only. This training will teach you how to assist patients without heartbeat, how to do CPR, how to use automated external defibrillator, etc.

Instructor Development Course Certification

This scuba diving course enables you to get SDI certification. The course is comprised of course planning and promotion, planning of theoretical and practical lessons, etc. After 2 days, the participants will be tested and evaluated. It is available in Cancun only.

Divemaster Certification

This course takes three weeks and will enhance your knowledge and experience up to the level necessary for a scuba diving professional. The course includes pool exercises, sea dives and reviews.

Rescue Diver Certification

This certification is very useful if you plan to dive on a regular basis. Safety is very important as most of the scuba diving enthusiast already know, and Aquaworld is one of the few dive shops in Cancun offering this course.

Specialties Certifications

If you want to learn more about certain type of diving, this is a great way to do so. There are numerous specialty courses offered by Aquaworld in Cancun, so with SDI you can find out more about deep dive specialty, boat dive specialty, night dive specialty, etc.

If you still have any doubts on some of our scuba diving certifications in Cancun, you can contact us and we will be glad to help you however we can.