Awesome Whale Shark Facts That Make Them Unique

Don’t you just love swimming by this great domino fish? We all do! Actually; they’re the largest fish on the planet! So we listed down 5 whale shark facts for you to thoroughly understand this innocent giant of the oceans.

If you’ve ever taken a swim next to them, you’ll surely have noticed how unique our friends are! And if you haven’t, we really recommend you live this amazing experience.

The Whale Shark’s Spots

Did you know? All of the tiny spots on a whale sharks skin are just like our fingerprints! The pattern of its spots is unique to each individual which allows researchers to identify each shark without harming them at all!
So next time you swim next to one, take notice of its spot patter! Who knows, maybe on your next visit you could find him or her again!

Whale Shark’s Predators

According to scientists, the only known predator of the whale shark are humans, yes, just us, not cool right? Chinese have a long lasting tradition of using the shark’s fins for traditional medicine and luxury products amongst other uses.

Fortunately, the government has been paying more attention to this matter and they are working to prevent any form of whale shark hunting so they can peacefully keep swimming by our boats!

Whale Shark’s Hotspots

These elusive giants love warm and tropical waters; they can’t get away from them!  They’re really all over the world, and you could spot them in over 100 countries and they can also be found both in oceanic and coastal waters.

However, if you really wish to spot them, we highly recommend you to visit either Cancún and Belize, although many other hotspots include Japan, Thailand, Malasyia, Philippines, Australia, Galapagos, Honduras, South Africa, Mozambique, Seychelles and India.

Whale Sharks are really huge!

They can grow at least to 25 feet but some around 40 feet have been found! Their weight is over 20 amazing tons; that’s A LOT of fish!

Their mouth is massive, measuring up to 1 meter width (3 feet aprox) also, it is very common for sharks to have teeth andthe whaleshark can feature from 300 to 350 rows of teeth at a time and even then, they wouldn’t be interested in eating you!

Whale Shark Reproduction

Due to their amazing size, a whale shark mom can have up to 300 pups!! The eggs grow inside of mom until they are incubated and she expels them into the water. Whale sharks do not become reproductively mature until they are about 30 years old, and they can live up to 100 years, wow right?

What do these giants eat?

Whale sharks are like huge filters! A very interesting way of feeding, for a shark; they glide through the water happily absorbing gallons and gallons of water and eating everything that’s inside it, which is mainly plankton. And they also clear the water from debris and other remains, believe it or not! The whale shark is one of the only 3 shark species to feed in such manner.

So now that you know a little bit more about these easygoing giants, I bet you’re ready to swim next to one and check out its spots, right? We have a few yours for you to check them out, especially because we’re actually on whale shark season right now! So grab your gear, get your breathing tuned in and submerge yourself with these beautiful creatures and enjoy!

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