Bacab, the sculpture by Salvador Quiroz Ennis at MUSA

In the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) which is installed between Islas Mujeres, Cancún and Punta Nizuc It is the perfect place where the artist Salvador Quiroz Ennis, exhibits his art, his incredible sculpture entitled Bacab.

The museographer is part of the select group of artists who have managed to put their works of art in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, to the delight of visitors and locals who love to admire these natural wonders. Before entering the world of the museum, Salvador Quiroz Ennis developed his activity in the field of architectural and industrial design. In that time he learned about electronic media, materials, finishes, construction, lighting and spaces. Thanks to all this knowledge and especially to the museographic work, he received the invitation to the ABCDF exhibition in Fine Arts. The museologist has to do with art, museums and exhibitions and his area of ​​operation goes from conception, programming, design, execution and diffusion of an exhibition, that is his world, explains Quiroz, speaking about his trade in museography. After the ABCDF exhibition, the artist and museographer,

Bacab, Salvador Quiroz’s work of art at MUSA

Bacab is a reef made from the sculpture, made by Salvador Quiroz Ennis with the collaboration of Jason de Caires Taylor, Javier Dajer, Lua del Río, Todd Barber and Aquaworld CancunThe Bacabobs, according to experts in the field, were the children of the creator god Itzamna and the goddess of health Ixchebelyax, who was killed and revived. The task of the bacabob was to support the firmament, and they are generally represented as old men, who can carry a shell or tortoise. From that legend, Quiroz Ennis, made this sculpture that follows the effort to rehabilitate the marine ecosystem in the Caribbean Sea: In the place where the sculpture of Quiroz Ennis is located, several divers Y snorkellers, since they love to visit Muse in Cancun, a museum that promotes reducing environmental impact, in addition to promoting and making people aware that the sea is one of the most important ecosystems on the globe.

Art and ecosystem

The Bacab sculpture, which has been installed in the Underwater Museum In the geographical area of ​​Quintana Roo, it has allowed to host an enormous quantity of coral sponges and algae necessary for the feeding and growth of fish. The lattice that makes up its enveloping structure allowed many species of fish to protect themselves from natural predators and to reproduce. more normally, Salvador Quiroz Ennis has expressed in his personal blog, that has been very excited to contribute to the promotion of life and reproduction of the marine ecosystem, and in turn reduce the environmental impact in the coral park.

Salvador Quiroz Ennis artist and sculptor

The museographer Quiroz Ennis, combined all his knowledge to take his concepts to different programs and projects for various museums and different collections. Salvador Quiroz Ennis also carries out a project recognized as “Earth Council”, which seeks the implementation of a deep ecology and The artist and museographer has shown interest in the development of knowledge of ecological sustainability, human awareness and quality of life in different public spaces. It also has a factory of cement tiles made by hand called “A Rayito de Sol ”, which generates beautiful designs. He is also a huge fan of independent documentaries and films.