Basic Spanish Phrases To Learn Before You Go To Mexico

Spanish is a Romance language spoken in Spain and most of South and Central America. It is important for you to understand the basic Spanish phrases before you go to Mexico.

This will help you get the services you need and make your stay in Mexico more comfortable.
When you go to any part of the world it is important for you to know the greetings and basic phrases of the language they speak in that place. It is a sign of politeness and people tend to warm up to you whenever they are greeted. First impression is crucial as it creates an image of you, so before visiting Mexico it is important for you to learn the greetings in Spanish!

Hola is a general greeting used to express ‘hi’ to people, however they also use different ones depending on the time of the day.

Buenos días is a greeting used before noon that means good morning or good day
Buenas tardes  is a greeting used between noon and before dark, meaning good afternoon
Buenas noches is a greeting used at night which means Good evening or Good night
On the telephone you can use alo, hola, bueno, diga. These are words which are used as ‘hello’.
Adios is used by Mexicans when they are saying goodbye. Hasta luego, Hasta la vista, Hasta mañana are also used as parting phrases.

¿Como esta usted? is used when asking ‘how are you?’ This is in case of a formal setting. Informally it is ¿Cómo estas? When you have just met or bumped into someone it is polite to ask their well-being and so these are the words to use.

Bien gracias, ¿y usted? is the reply to the question ‘how are you’ formally while informally it is Bien gracias, ¿y tú? And it means  ‘fine thank you, how are you?’.

basic spanish words

¿Cómo te llamas? is used when asking ‘what is your name’ in an informal setting however in a formal setting it is preferable to use ¿Cómo se llama usted? It is polite when getting to know a person and you wish to know their name. It also creates a rapport between you and the other party.
Me llamo (name) is used when answering the question ‘what is your name’ that is giving the answer ‘my name is or I am called’. Nombre means name.

Cuanto cuesta is used when asking for the price, it means ‘ how much is this?’
Perdón, perdone, disculpe are used instead of ‘excuse me’.

Perdon, perdone, Lo siento can also be used when one is saying ‘sorry.’
Gracias, Muchas gracias is used when saying ‘thank you’ or ‘thank you very much’. Thank you is one of the words used in every part of the world so it is important for you to learn it in the native language before visiting a place.

basic spanish phrases

Mucho gustoEncantado means ‘pleasure to meet you’. Whenever you meet somebody it’s good to use these words as they are a sign of respect. If you are a woman, then you use ‘encantada’ in place of ‘encantado’. These words mean ‘much pleasure’.

¿Habla ingles/español? is used when asking ‘do you speak English/Spanish?’. Si, un poco is the answer to the question and it means ‘ yes, a little.’ This should be used as a last resort in a situation where you and the other party do not understand each other.

So now that you know basic Spanish, you’re ready to choose your tour and explore what Cancún has to offer, while grasping a very basic understanding of the language! ¿Estás listo?