Basic Tips for Scuba Diving in Cancun and Riviera Maya

We asked our highly experienced group of divers and trainers about some basic tips for scuba diving in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and this is what they came up with.

Tips for awesome Scuba Diving in Cancun and Riviera Maya

It’s one thing to visit an area famous for diving but to have the diving skills to actually be able to enjoy the experience is another. Here are some tips that might help.

Breathe naturally

When you are underwater, limited supply of oxygen could be a cause of concern and some beginner divers would even try to hold their breath. We advise against this. The more you hold your breath or put more attention to how you are breathing, the more oxygen you use up. So stay calm and relaxed and just breathe naturally.

Use your arms just when necessary

Divers are suggested to use their arms only when absolutely necessary. Like, when one is too close to something or to stabilize oneself.

Not using your arms can take some time for new divers to learn. But as you get used to scuba diving and acquire more experience, you will notice how easy it becomes. Letting your legs and fins do all the work and not using other body parts will also reduce the amount of air you use.

Use your fins correctly

Use only the fins to swim underwater and try not to use your arms. This puts less pressure on you and therefore provides more time to spend diving. Fins allow an almost effortless swimming experience.

Do not kick so fast

When scuba diving it is recommended to be stiff and put as little effort on your legs to achieve a maximum push to move ahead. Do not kick your legs rapidly as they will only make you lose more oxygen. Fast kicks can injure the animals or plants around you or even stir the sand below, reducing the visibility. So just kick at a normal pace with your legs parallel to the seafloor.

Keep a healthy body for scuba diving

Keeping a healthy body and a good physique will help you to balance off buoyancy. Additionally, a physically fit diver uses less air and puts more energy into swimming. Divers with some more

overweight would need more weights (dive belts) to carry and this could be a little more challenging.
Make sure that you are in good health before you go on a diving excursion in Cancun or Riviera Maya. If you are unwell, feeling tired or have a cold, it is better to avoid diving because exerting more pressure on your body when it is already tired is not a good idea.

Some other important tips are:

  • Check the functionality of the equipments that you are wearing. If you feel something is wrong, don’t hesitate to ask/ tell your guides.
  • Make sure the wetsuit fits you perfectly.
  • Do not dive too deep if you are a beginner diver.
  • Enjoy the scenes but do not stray away from your team, remember in scuba diving it is imperative to always be accompanied and following your guide.
  • The marine life of Cancun and the Riviera Maya is countless and beautiful but remember not to touch anything.

We hope these basic tips for scuba diving were helpful and if you still have some questions about some diving certifications or tours, do not hesitate to contact Aquaworld staff, they will be glad to help and will make sure you have an amazing diving adventure in Cancun or the Riviera Maya.
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