Beach Fashion Tips I Inspired by Aquaworld Cancun

Beach fashion can be tricky and packing for a Cancun vacation can be stressful. You don’t want to pack too much, or too little, and you want to look fashionable yet stay cool when you’re at the beach. You also may need to wear your beach outfit to breakfast or lunch, so you want to look presentable. So, take your time, try different outfits, make a list and check out these beach style ideas for your next vacation in Cancun

What to Wear to the Beach in Cancun

Beachy Dresses

Number one on your list of cute outfit ideas should be beachy dresses, which are cool, comfortable, chic and easy to throw on. Look for cotton or a cotton blend, mix it up and try mini, midi and maxi lengths. For a modern twist on a dress, try a romper. If your flip-flops are a neutral color like, gold, silver or beige, they’ll go with all your beach dresses and cover-ups.

Beach Hats

Hats not only protect your face (think no wrinkles from sun damage), but they look chic. There are so many styles to choose from, including sun hats with huge brims, straw fedoras or panama hats. But be careful, make sure your hat is a similar style as your outfit or bathing suit. For instance, don’t wear a baseball cap with a dress, and don’t wear a large brimmed sun hat with a sporty swimsuit.


Sarongs are a beach vacation must. A sarong can be worn as a skirt, a dress or a shirt, and then you can take it off and lie on it on your lounge chair or beach bed. There are literally countless ways to tie a sarong, so look for a video on YouTube and start practicing.


Jewelry will keep you looking sophisticated at the beach, but don’t wear too much. If you’re going to be active, swimming, playing volleyball, etc., don’t wear large earrings that could get ripped out. Posts or small hoops work well. Ankle bracelets and toe rings look great with beachwear, but make sure all jewelry is fastened well and fits correctly so it doesn’t fall off. Ocean inspired jewelry as blue as the Caribbean Sea will look spectacular in your beach photos.

Sporty looks

If you’re going on an active tour, you might need to wear something more functional. Throw on a sporty bathing suit and a rash guard, which will also prevent you from getting sunburned. Unless you’re a surfer, find a solid color for a tasteful look. You may need a hat as well but choose one that fits well, can get wet, and most importantly, looks appropriate with your sporty outfit. And we hate to say this, but you might need water shoes as well. They aren’t very fashionable, but some adventures require them.

Biodegradable sunscreen

You know what’s not fashionable? A sunburn! You know what is fashionable? Caring for our environment. So, invest in some biodegradable sunscreen and slather it on.

Now you know what beach vacation clothes to wear during your next vacation in Cancun. Now it’s time to shop till you drop and start packing!
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