Cancun fishing is a year-round activity, but there are certain seasons you’ll have more success in catching the big ones. Knowing the seasons can be helpful for deciding when to go fishing in Cancun.

The best time to charter a fishing boat in Cancun

Sport fishing in Cancun happens all year round but some fish are seasonal.

Plenty of species are generally found at Arrowsmith fishing site in Cancun. This site is located to the East of Cancun and it takes around an hour to get there. The offshore currents and local mangroves provide a natural habitat for the baitfish used while fishing in this area.

Commonly known as Arrowsmith bank for its sheer drop, you’ll soon be among water depths of less than 100 feet, up to 1,600 feet.

Cancun Fishing Calendar

  • Black Fin Tuna and Wahoo – May to December
  • Skip Jack – September to January
  • Mahi Mahi – April to August
  • Blue and White Marlin – April to July
  • Yellow Eye Snapper – May to January

Sailfishing in Cancun

One of the most popular requests during the months of December to July is to catch sailfish. These amazing fish migrate from the north to the east and stay for a few weeks. They’re then found north of Isla Mujeres, where they stay for another few months before disappearing.

Deep sea fishing in Cancun is the perfect location as the natural underwater valleys provide the deep water and combine it with the close proximity of the shore. Once you hook a sailfish, the fight is on! And AquaWorld’s experienced crew will be on hand to help. Catch and release is recommended.

You don’t need to be an expert at deep sea fishing to fish in Cancun

Our team of sailors have years of experience fishing in this area. They know where to go, when and how to reel in the big ones.

Our fleet of Yamha and Cummins 440 HP turbo diesel engine boats will ensure a fast ride to maximize fishing time!

—This post was originally published on February 12, 2015.