Top 6 of 2016 for Cancun’s Water Fun Experts

We, the Cancun water fun experts at AquaWorld, are looking back at our best moments of the year and can only describe 2016 as — incredible!
On the last week of December, we’d like to present our best triumphs during a year that helped solidify why AquaWorld remains the premiere destination for fun around the Mexican Caribbean.

1. 30 Year Anniversary

When a company makes it to 10 years providing great services, it’s already an impressive achievement.
But when it makes it to 30 years, like AquaWorld did in 2016, it speaks volumes of the unwavering leadership, vision, and teamwork that kept a great brand strong the whole time.
Here’s to another 3 decades with AquaWorld!

2. Wildlife Photographer of the Year


Luis Javier Sandoval poses with his award-winning photograph ‘Star Player’ at the London Natural History Museum in October.

AquaWorld’s own director of diving, Luis Javier Sandoval, is also an internationally renowned photographer.
Luis Javier won the London Natural History Museum’s Best Wildlife Photographer award, in the Impressions category.
Check out the short documentary about his trip to London, where he received this prestigious award.

3. Sponsoring a Paralympic Dream

AquaWorld is proud to give back to the community. So this year, we sponsored a bright young lady’s dream of competing in paralympic swimming.
Lesly Cervantes has already won medals for her swimming prowess, and in 2016 AquaWorld helped her get a prosthetic leg by using the proceeds from the whale shark tour.

4. Cleaning the Nizuc Channel

For the 19th year, AquaWorld’s staff volunteered time and effort by cleaning up the Nizuc Channel, just a short boat ride south of the Cancun water fun experts’ marina.
This reiterates AquaWorld’s commitment to give back to the area by protecting its immaculate environment for the benefit of the entire community, be it local or international.

5. Introducing the Bull Shark Dive

How cool would it be to dive with the bull sharks? Starting in 2016, thanks to AquaWorld’s leadership, you can do it from November to March, the time when these amazing sea creatures are born.

6. FlowRider Comes to Cancun

flowrider cancun water fun
We can’t stress enough how awesome AquaWorld Cancun’s FlowRider is going to be!
The opening is set for the beginning of January 2017, but all the work to bring it came in 2016.
The response to news of our own FlowRider has been very positive. So there is a lot eagerness to be one of the first ones to try it.

More Cancun Water Fun

Let us know what you enjoyed on your visit to AquaWorld, or if you’re coming, let us know what water fun activity you’d like to be a part of.
And from all of us at AquaWorld, we thank you for having made 2016 an unbelievable year!