Best Priced Tours In Cancun, Under $60 USD

Cancun has a very, very wide range of different toursactivities and things to enjoy so here we list down the best priced tours in cancun, under $60USD  so you can have fun even if you didn’t bring that much cash.

Skyrider Parasailing – $58 per adult

Skyrider parasailing is the best way to capture the wonderful city from a completely different angle. You will be slowly lifted from the boat higher and higher into the air as the boat catches speed.
This thrilling experience will make you want more! The beautiful sceneries comprising of the turquoise waters, the white sandy beach on a long stretch of the hotel zone and the jungle nearby creates the most magnificent view ever!

Paradise Snorkel – $47 per adult

For anyone and everyone, Paradise Snorkel is a great way to see what lies under the sea. Whether you are staying in the hotel zone of Cancun, in Riviera Maya or Cozumel, we provide snorkel tours for everyone.
Our guides will take you on an unforgettable journey, allowing you to take in the beauty that the sea creatures- plants and animals- have created in harmony with the nature. A trip to Punta Nizuc reefMUSA, and Puerto Morelos- there is just too much to do. So gear up!

Paradise SubSee: $47 per adult

Paradise SubSee is unique to Aquaworld and available in both Cancun and Cozumel. Paradise Subsee is a submarine-like tour of the sea. When you reach the reef site, you will be asked to board the Subsee and descend to the lower part of it, where there is the seating area.
It is fully air-conditioned to make your tour all the more comfortable.
The guide will simultaneously inform you (in more than one language) about the creatures that you will see outside the glass window, along with the MUSA museum sculptures.

Waverunner $58 per adult

Best Priced Tours In Cancun

Aquaworld provides its customers with their very own, well-maintained Yamaha Waverunner to ride against the waves of the beautiful turquoise waters of Cancun. Waverunners have been a favorite of the tourists for many years and their popularity just keeps growing.
You can take your waverunner over the Caribbean waters and past the mangroves surrounding Cancun. What more could one ask for when you have the clear water under your waverunner, greenery on the sides and fresh air blowing coolly against your face?

Snorkel in MUSA – $58 per adult

MUSA, Cancun Underwater Museum, is the world’s most famous underwater museum dedicated to preserving the corals of the Caribbean Sea. Snorkeling with us will make you come across over 470 statues of the museum and the coral life forms that strive on it.
This is a two-hour long snorkel tour of the MUSA museum which will give you ample of time to discover the various species that inhabit the sea.