Best Scuba Diving in Cancun

There are so many places to go diving in Cancún, you wouldn’t believe it! Here at Aquaworld, we’ve got over 5 different kinds of diving in the hottest locations you can find! Here’s our list for the best scuba diving in Cancun you can find!

Are you ready to take on the underwater world of Cancun? We’ve got the top locations to dive in Cancun so gear up, we’re ready to go!

Diving in the Underwater Museum

This is a jaw dropping beautiful underwater museum that began as an eco project back in 2009 and today is home to over 470 life sized statues and lots of marine life! Since this project was intended to become a reef, some statues have corals over their bodies and face which gives a completely unique feeling to the experience.

These sculptures made Cancun diving much more interesing and appealing, with that many works of art, you’ll have a great time swimming around getting to know the museum! After enjoying this amazing museum, surely you’ll be ready for more fun, so if you are ready to experience something different next up in our Best Scuba Diving in Cancun list is.
Diving in MUSA Cancun

Cavern Diving in Cancun

Imagine the beams of sunshine spotlighting the water as you swim between eerie rock formations in a beautiful crystal clear water. This is one of natures finest pieces of art, and you can go diving in a cenote to witness it.

cavern diving in cancun

There are many cenotes around but the closest to the Hotel Zone in Cancun is the Tajma Ha which makes it a top cavern diving location from this best scuba diving in cancun list.

Wreck Diving in Cancun

Dive all the way down to 85ft and experience what exploring an underwater C-58 minesweeper feels like. This is a unique diving experience in Cancun that will make you feel inside a hollywood movie or a video game!

wreck diving in cancun

The beautiful biodiversity down here is outstanding! During winters you can see many eagle rays migrate but don’t worry, they’re harmless and very very pretty! Also a must do from our best scuba diving in Cancun rundown!

Do you want to scuba dive in the Riviera Maya?

Aquaworld also has scuba diving tours to amazing places in the Riviera Maya like Cozumel and some famous reefs.

Reef Diving in Cancun and Riviera Maya

From an underwater museum to cavern diving to night diving to wreck diving, you’ve had a big aventure! So now it’s time for something a little bit more traditional, reef diving!

This is the ‘sit back and enjoy’ version of diving, a gentle shallow water swim with the most mesmerizing colorful visuals you can find! Whether you go to the worlds second largest coral reef or a modest caleydoscope of colors away from the crowds you are going to have a blast.

Night Diving in Cozumel

Night falls in and the ocean becomes a whole new place under the calm of its surface. Are you ready for a unique adventureNight Diving in Cozumel is for those who love magic. Why magic? Cozumel is known for having bioluminiscent life which means some organisms can create their own light, it’s beautiful!

Add some shiny pretty creatures to the reefs under the night shadows and all of the beautiful species of fish you will se and you hav the perfect mix to experience the oceans magic after sunset, a must try from our best scuba diving in Cancun selection.

If you’re still not satisfied with all that diving, we still have more things you could love! How would you like to have an advanced diving certificate in Cancun? We just want you to enjoy these beautiful waters as much as you can during your vacations in Cancun!

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