A vacation is supposed to be fun, and include excitement and new adventures, but it should also be relaxing. One way to take your vacation to the next level relaxation-wise is to visit a spa. Cancun is home to hundreds of fantastic spas in the hotel zone and downtown, where massages, facials, wraps, and even ancient Mayan rituals will assure that you feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated when your vacation is over.

Here are some of the best spas in Cancun and other relaxing activities…

Cancun Hotel Zone Spas

Gem Spa

The beautiful Gem Spa, located in Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun, is one of Cancun’s most well-known Mexican spas and was inspired by the healing powers of gems. This oasis is best known for its hydrotherapy circuit, which encompasses ten steps; aromatherapy, invigorating shower, clay steam room, rain shower, sauna, ice room, bubbling whirlpool, polar pool, pebble walk and pool of sensations, which include warm (and sometimes hot) and cool (and sometimes freezing) temperatures and high and low water pressures.

Gem Spa also offers their signature “Cosmo Journey” massages, such as the Seventh Wonder Luxury, during which seven quartzes are placed on the seven corresponding chakras of the body. The spa also offers body and facial treatments, rituals, kids’ treatments, and salon services.


Le Blanc’s wellness center BlancSpa is one of the best spas in Mexico, an otherworldly sanctuary, from the music, to the aromatherapy, to the warm towel placed on your neck upon arrival. You may not want to leave BlancSpa and its treatment suites, including 1 master suite with Hi-Tech hydro-tubs, 7 indoor couples suites, 11 single suites, 1 Golden VIP suite, and 1 Vichy suite.

BlancSpa offers, massages, scrubs and wraps, facials and their “Spa Moments”, like Vitality, which firms, revitalizes & brightens he skin with pure vitamin C, offering an infusion of antioxidants for the face and body.

Spa treatments include a complimentary hydrotherapy journey that sauna, steam room, ice room, jacuzzi, cold and warm lagoons, warm beds and shower. Both the men’s and the women’s dressing rooms lead to the wonderfully serene lounge area, where you can continue to relax.


Paradisus Cancun’s luxurious YHI Spa will invigorate your mind, body, and spirit. No expense was spared in the design of this facility, which offers its IX Chel Signature Collection beauty treatments, restorative massages, healing wraps and hydrotherapies, including hydromassage pool with water rituals, sauna, and steam bath.

At YHI Spa’s Spa Studio, participate in yoga, Pilates, spinning and ABS classes and more. A kids spa and salon services like pedicures, manicures, hair styling, and make-up are also available.

Seadust Elegance Spa

Seadust Elegance Spa, located in Seadust Cancun, offers physical and emotional balance with a wide range of services, including beauty salon services, waxing, makeup and beauty treatments for weddings, manicures and pedicures, massages, facial treatments, body treatments, exfoliations, wraps, hydrotherapy, couple and children’s treatments.

Whether you have romance, relaxation or family in mind, pretty, tranquil Seadust Elegance Spa has something for you, including oceanfront massages, a Cancun massage that should not be missed.

Mayan Inspired Spas

Nizuc Spa

Upscale Nizuc Resort & Spa offers Nizuc Spa, a breathtaking facility that offers Mayan Mindfulness (focusing your awareness on the present) and Mayan Inspired Signature treatments, in addition to their Thermal (hydrotherapy) Experience, treatment of the month, ESPA facials, massages and men’s treatments, couple’s rituals, a salon and fitness facilities. Other spa activities include yoga, breathwork, sound therapy, cross-training, personal training, stretching, salsa, dance, tennis, and golf. Unlike some of these other Mexican spas, they even offer in-room spa services. Guests must be at least 16 years old to use spa facilities.

Zen Spa

Hyatt Zilara Cancun is one of the area’s most popular adult-only resorts. At Zen Spa, the architecture is based on Mayan traditions, drawing inspiration from the four cardinal directions, which were key elements of Mayan Cosmology. In over 22,800 square feet, this luxurious space offers massages, including a signature Mayan Zen Massage, facials, body treatments, including the Tzolkin signature Mayan ritual and fitness facilities. At the salon, treat yourself to a mani-pedi, hair and waxing services or a full bridal menu.

JW Marriott Cancun Spa

JW Marriott’s Mayan inspired spa has breathtaking ocean views and an Olympic-style swimming pool that offers guests balance in mind, body, and spirit through four traditional Mayan treatments, couple’s massages, facials, fitness classes, manicures, pedicures, massages, body treatments and men’s services. The facility has separate men’s and women’s lounges, a spa restaurant and a steam room. And there’s nothing like a Cancun massage on the beach, which is another service that JW Marriott Cancun Spa also offers.

Fish Pedicure Cancun

Unlike a normal pedicure, during which a cosmetologist uses a rough surface like a pumice stone or file to remove hard patches and calluses from your feet, a fish pedicure uses hundreds of tiny toothless carp called Garra rufa or “doctor fish” to nibble the dead skin from your feet. Doctor fish are native to Turkey and several Middle Eastern countries and have been used for exfoliation for at least 400 years. During a fish pedicure, a customer will sit down and place their feet in a tank where some 100 fish are kept. Most fish pedicures last for between 15 and 30 minutes.

Aquaworld offers the fish pedicure at our marina in Cancun’s Hotel Zone for $15 USD for 15 minutes or $20 USD for two people for 15 minutes.

Downtown Cancun Spas


Xbalamque is a small charming economical hotel in downtown Cancun on Yaxchilan Avenue with mystical ambiance. A Cancun institution, it has been open for over 20 years. Its spa is well-known for the quality services it offers at excellent prices. Both locals and tourists enjoy their relaxing massage, rejuvenating facial treatment, and their day spa promotion, which includes a Healing Temazcal treatment (more about that later), a body scrub and their relaxing massage.

Dosha Tan Spa

Located in downtown Cancun, also on Yaxchilan Avenue, above Café Nader, Dosha Tan Spa is a Bali-inspired tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Dosha is both a salon and a spa that also offers tanning services (both spray and tanning beds), bridal packages, hydrotherapy, massages, body treatments, and facials. Both visitors and Cancunenses, the name for residents of Cancun, find Dosha to be a great alternative to the more expensive spas in the Hotel Zone.

Temazcal Cancun

Temazcal is a ritual that has been used for thousands of years by Mayans and other Mesoamerican and North American civilizations. It is an ancient steam bath or sauna utilized for relaxation, healing, and purification.

The name temazcal may come for the from Nahuatl word temāzcalli (house of heat) or from the Aztec teme (to bathe) and calli (house). The ceremony is a ritual performed by a shaman. Natural herbs are used to purify participants in a sweat house where steam is created by pouring hot water over a pit full of heated rocks.

Temazcal is available at the aforementioned Xbalamque spa and at various other spas and resorts in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and the Riviera Maya.

Other Relaxing Activities in Cancun

A visit to the spa isn’t the only way to relax in Cancun. In addition to fish pedicures, Aquaworld offers relaxing experiences that will take you vacation from memorable to unforgettable.

Parasailing Cancun

Although exhilarating, the Skyrider, which will take you flying high above the crystal blue Caribbean, is also relaxing and peaceful and offers the most beautiful views of the Hotel Zone and sparkling Nichupte lagoon. It’s also easy to do because all you have to do is sit back and relax as you are lifted slowly from the back of a boat up into the wild blue yonder. You’ll be able to see for miles in every direction and the calming silence will surprise you. The Skyrider is an experience you’ll never forget.

Cancun Yacht Rental

Another way to relax while on vacation is to leave the world (and land) behind on a private yacht. A luxurious, fun-filled day on a private yacht in Cancun is day you’ll never forget, as you cruise across the turquoise bay, stop to snorkel and see sea turtles and colorful fish, and then head to tropical island Isla Mujeres, where you can sunbathe on the deck and leap off the boat to swim in the calm, clear warm Caribbean waters. If you’d like to explore the island, just let the captain know. This will be the best day of your vacation, and one of the best days of your life.

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