Best times of the year to fish in Cancun

Fishing is an activity that has large followers and fishing in Cancun It is an activity that can be done throughout the year, however there are certain times of the year when it will be more successful, if you are an amateur you should know the seasons that are in your favor.

What is the best time to rent a fishing boat in Cancun?

Sport fishing has glorious moments that will facilitate the fishing experience in Cancun, as there are seasonal fish that visit the beautiful waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

ArrowsmithIt is a place in Cancun that is located to the East and to get there you need about an hour; local ocean currents and mangroves provide ample natural habitat. This place is a well-known bank that has a perfect vertical drop for fishing in Cancun, since it has great depths; from 100 to 1600 feet.

Calendar for fishing in Cancun

  • Black fin tuna, it is a species that you will find from May to December
  • Striped fish, it is possible to catch it from September to January
  • Golden dolphin or parakeet, is a species that is found in tropical waters and reaches a maximum length of up to one meter, you may find it from April to August
  • White Marlin, this fish is known for having a ‘beak or needle’, with a fusiform, robust and elongated body. You can find it from April to July.
  • Sailfish, it is common to find this species during the months of December to July, since they migrate from the north to the east and stay for a few weeks in the north of Isla Mujeres.

Deep-sea fishing in Cancun is perfect, since the natural underwater valleys provide a great depth of water, and combine it with the proximity to the coast, so once the fish is hooked it is easier to achieve a successful catch.

Sailing and fishing in Cancun

This beautiful and fun activity does not require experience, Aquaworld has a group of experts that will help make this experience the most pleasant, doing this activity with the hands of experts is much better, since they know the places where you will find different species

Furthermore Aquaworld is part of Grays Fishag Research Project, a research project where the fish is marked and then released, all for scientific purposes and to know the migration patterns of hundreds of schools.If you want to fish in Cancun, rest assured that in addition to having fun you are also helping science .