Best tours in Cancun and the Riviera Maya

Being able to enjoy the landscape, the crystalline waters and the Mexican Caribbean can become a reality, with the best tours in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, these tours will allow you and your family to know the marine flora and fauna.

If you live in Quintana Roo, you may enjoy some of the best tours in Cancun and the Riviera Maya with the promotion 3-300 with which we celebrate our 30 years.

Discovery Scuba

The discovery Scuba is one of the fascinating and best tours in Cancun and the Riviera Maya that will allow you to dive for the first time and practice scuba diving, get to know the coral reefs, the brilliant and incredible fish and the marine sponges that are more than beautiful.

This tour includes a package with a theoretical lesson with basic diving procedures, safety signs, as well as knowing and testing the equipment, all this is done in a special pool at Aquaworld marina Cancun, on the beach of Cozumel or in Aquaworld located in some hotels on the Mayan Riviera.


It is one of the best tours in Cancun, this tour over the Nichupté lagoon is one of the few that are full of adrenaline, speed and excitement.

This tour full of energy, will take us to enjoy the radiant sun of Cancun in the face is something like a roller coaster on water, since the Aquatwister’s driver turns quickly at 270º feeling the force and acceleration that this fast boat reaches.

This tour for adventurers is one of the activities for lovers of adrenaline and water activities, the guides of this tour are in charge of giving you the best experience always with care for the enjoyment of this trip.

One of the best tours in Cancun and exclusive to Aquaworld, the adventure has a total of 30 minutes at full speed over the Nichupté Lagoon.

Paradise adventure

It is one of the best tours in Cancun and one of the most complete, since in this tour you can enjoy in all its splendor the magnificent coral reefs of the Cancun Underwater Museum of Art, This beautiful museum is like the beautiful Italian gardens, where the proliferation of flora and fauna is sought thanks to the sculptures of the different exhibitions that donor artists made to the MUSA.

The crew in charge of this tour will invite you to the Reef Exprees that leaves from Aquaworld and they will take you to Punta Nizuc where you will begin the preparation to practice snorkeling at MUSA.

On this tour you can also experience inside the Subsee Explorer To complement this experience, this yellow submarine takes you into the waters of the Cancun sea so that you can discover the marine world from another perspective and from the hand of experts in marine species and coral reefs and as well as observe some of the MUSA sculptures.

Skyryder one of the best tours in Cancun

This activity is one of the most fun and considered one of the best tours in Cancun since thanks to it you can contemplate the landscape from above, just as the Caribbean Sea has the best underwater landscape, it also has it from the air.

So you just have to sit on a parachute with your favorite person and a boat will propel you at a safe and comfortable speed.

The boat sails over the Mexican Caribbean and in a safe area the Skyrider will take off until it reaches the perfect distance to enjoy one of the best tours in Cancun, this tour is available at Aquaworld Cancun.

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