BOB Adventure, drive your own miniscooter under water

If you want to explore the marine life and reefs of Cancun but don’t feel like diving, the BOB Adventure is the tour for you! It is an easier and more original way to be underwater, in which you will drive your own miniscooter.

A personal mini-submarine

By now you are surely wondering why this tour is known as BOB. Well, now we explain it: It is called BOB because those are the acronyms with which it is called the Breathing Observation Bubble, which is a mini-submarine with which you can observe the surprises that the Caribbean Sea has in a totally personal way.

The BOB Adventure is a very special way to observe the Caribbean marine flora and fauna, in the Chitales reef area, located in Cancun. In other words, the BOB is like a way of diving but easier. If you don’t know how to dive and want to dive into the depths of the waters of Cancun, the BOB Adventure tour is your best option.

Mini-scooter ride with bubble helmet

The helmet of the BOB Adventure has an oxygenation system with which you can stay underwater just like diving. You just have to sit back and relax while you are in our motor boat and we will take care of taking you to the sea!

Once we have reached the Chitales reef you will have to get on the BOB boat where we will give you the necessary instructions to handle the scooter. Once the BOB is on the surface, our guides will take you to a depth of six meters.

While you are in your personal submarine, you can have a half-hour dive to enjoy the clarity of the Caribbean waters, where you can meet sea turtles and a great variety of brightly colored tropical fish.

What to do in Cancun as a couple?

This activity is an excellent option for couples, they can take the BOB together and enjoy nature as a couple.

BOB Adventure with snorkeling tour in Cancun

When you are in Cancun you cannot stop snorkeling, since in addition to being a simple activity, since it does not require diving to great depth, you can do it in the company of your friends or family.

If you want to snorkel and live the BOB adventure, you can do both activities within the same tour offered by Aquaworld in the Chitales reef.

Definitely the BOB Adventure is an excellent alternative when it comes to learning more about the marine fauna and flora of the Caribbean! Remember that the Caribbean area is one of the richest in terms of biodiversity and throughout the year receives tourists from all over the world, especially from Canada, the United States and Europe.

At Aquaworld we have different water activities tours that you can enjoy with family or friends when you come on vacation. We have fishing, diving and snorkeling tours as well as hoverboard and flyboard. With Aquaworld you won’t have time to get bored!

Our staff has extensive experience in the waters of the Caribbean and has the ability to provide assistance in case you need it while you make a trip with us. We provide the necessary equipment to make your vacation the best and we also provide packages of aquatic activities in Cancun, ideal if you want to spend time with your family.You just have to ask for information and we will respond as soon as possible!

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