BOB Adventure in Cancun, a different underwater tour

Do you want to explore the marine life in a unique way? BOB Adventure in Cancun is a different underwater tour, where you will see the marine life while breathing comfortably without any fear or tension.
The reef called Chitales in Cancun is the perfect place to observe the diverse underwater life.

The BOB Adventure Tour

What is BOB? It is very simple – The abbreviation stands for Breathing Observation Bubble. The tour lets you have a different view of the marine life.

The tour includes instruction and then half an hour of riding the BOB. After the BOB tour you will come back to the boat for snacks, bottled water, and soda.

Ride An Underwater Scooter

The helmet allows you to breath underwater while you maneuver the scooter on your own, this activity is awesome fun and is one othe best Cancun activities for couples! A boat will take you to the Chitales reef. Here you will receive some instructions from Aquaworld’s guides.

The instructors will take you to a depth of 20 feet, from where you will enjoy the 30 minutes ride. You can observe the diverse and colorful tropical fishes and it’s very common to see some beautiful sea turtles.

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Enjoy the Spectacular Marine Life

With BOB Adventure you will see the marine life from a different perspective, this tour is something out of the ordinary!
The equipment is specially designed and our professional guides will help you to enjoy the tour without any concerns.
You can find the same marine species as if you were a scuba diver this activity is way much easier because you don’t need to have any certification in order to experience this tour. You will not want to come up to the surface at the end!