Build your snorkel package with Aquaworld

On Aquaworld we have the best Snorkel Package at an excellent price build your tour to do two exciting excursions, choosing between 4 different options and get ready to live an underwater adventure.

Snorkeling is one of the most practiced activities in Cancun, and in the Riviera Maya and of course if the Caribbean Sea is full of beauties, being the snorkel and the diving the only two activities with which to enjoy them directly. If you are in Cancun, don’t miss the opportunity to get to know more closely the marine life of the Caribbean, with one of these AquaWorld snorkel packages.

Paradise Adventure Tour

The Tour begins at Aquaworld from where you will board the Reef Express boat. You will navigate on the Nichupte Lagoon in a journey that will last about 30 minutes until reaching Punta Nizuc, one of the most popular places for diving and snorkeling, due to its reefs and the marine life that is concentrated there.

For a more complete experience, you can also hire the Tour in the Sub See Explorer which is a boat with a glass bottom, giving the impression that you are in a submarine.

It is a 35 to 40 minute walk where you can admire the marine life and 5 of the sculptures belonging to the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA), while a guide will explain everything you see.

Finally you will arrive at the snorkeling platform where you can enjoy this activity.

Jungle tour

This is one of the most popular snorkeling tours in Cancun where you can enjoy the beauties of the jungle and get to know a little more about the flora and fauna of the region.You will drive a boat for two people that you will be previously taught to use, following a guide through the Nichupté Lagoon, where you can see animals such as crabs, white turtles, iguanas and frogs among others.

It is worth mentioning that for this Tour the Limo boat, which is for four people.

After the tour, you will arrive at the Punta Nizuc reef, from where you can dive and see closely the wonders of the seabed, with a guide who will point out the things to see.

Snorkel Tour in Isla Mujeres

Another option is an all-inclusive tour to Isla Mujeres, this tour begins at 9:00 am, the ferry leaves from Cancun. During the journey to Isla Mujeres you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks on board while enjoying the view.

Once in Isla Mujeres, it will be time to snorkel. Several species of fish, starfish, turtles and coral reefs are some of the things you can admire.

After the Snorkeling Tour you can go to eat and recharge and then go for a walk to the center of Isla Mujeres, an ideal place to buy some souvenirs from your trip.Finally, the return to Cancun is at 4:00 pm, there will be several fun activities , on the way back.

Snorkel Tour in MUSA

The Underwater Museum of Art contains more than 470 submerged statues, many of them created by the British artist Jason deCaires and, some others, by local artists. The objective of this museum was to create an underwater attraction to create a conducive environment where coral and other marine life can be.

With this snorkel package you will be able to meet these wonderful statues, located in the Manchones area and admire the flora and fauna that grow there.