Cancun: 5 ideas for your vacations

Sometimes it´s difficult to decide and organize a good holiday that´s why we suggest you 5 ideas for your vacations so you can spend the best time ever in Cancun.

Plan your vacation ahead

The main thing to guarantee you a great vacation in Cancun is give yourself time to plan.
Take a time to order your mail, save emails in the drafts folder.  You must also set your smartphone to update your mail and send an automatic message where you indicate you will not be available on certain days.

Make a budget

If you plan to spend a long vacation in Cancun you better compare prices. You can stay in hotels, rent a house or an apartment.

Consider nearby places like Cozumel or Puerto Morelos, where you will also find deals on accommodation. If you decide to stay in these places, you can explore some marine life with Aquaworld´s tours.

We have fishing, snorkeling and diving tours where you can learn about the natural wealth that keep the waters of the Caribbean.

Plan your activities

Another of the key points for a vacation in Cancun is planning your activities. For example, you may decide touring around the place when it’s morning, do some shopping and enjoy of the beautiful Cancun´s downtown if you like handcrafts you definitly will love Mercado 28 .

Snorkeling in Cancun

If you are one of those who like snorkeling and take advantage of the holiday to discover the treasures of the Caribbean you can go to our snorkeling tour to the Underwater Museum Cancun.
MUSA has more than 470 statues underwater belonging to several artists like the British Jason deCaires Taylor, whose work has been reviewed by publications such as USA Today and Vogue.
In Aquaworld, we provide the necessary equipment to make your snorkeling experience formidable.

Swim with Whale Sharks

Whale sharks are very large fish (can be up to 18 meters) that eat plankton and you can meet them during your Cancun vacation through the swim with whale sharks tour offered during early May and mid-Septenber.

We pick you up to your hotel, all you have to do is follow our instructions while swimming with these creatures, this activity is regulated by the authorities.

Do up to 10 activities full of adrenaline and aquatic fun, Book now!!