Cancun Jet ski Rental for the Summer

Imagine yourself gliding across the crystal clear waters of Cancun with the wind blowing your hair and amazing movie-like scenery – That’s why a Cancun jet ski rental for the summer is a top choice if you wish to fully enjoy your vacations here!

One of the main things is that you don’t really need any experience to use one, really! We’ll give you a quick and detailed orientation about how to properly use your watercraft, swift safety measures and off you go to explore.

Considering a Cancun jet ski rental? Take a look at our nifty Cancun jet ski rental safety guide!

Riding a jet ski in Cancun is feeling true freedom over the sea!

With your own jet ski, you’ll be able to move freely across the water, even to places a boat or other watercraft wouldn’t manage to get in. It allows you to travel greater than the average boater!

For example, exploring Nichupté Lagoon would be increasingly fun on a jet ski rather than on a boat; there are some areas in which you cannot get in with a big watercraft and most of these places at the lagoon are usually small lots of sand in which you can lay back and enjoy the paradise you rode into with your jet ski.

Another thing you can do is glide across the coastline on the ocean side! It’s pretty impressive how the different tones of blue change right beneath you when you go to a slightly deeper spot, and some other places are so crystal clear you can see the sand at the bottom even at deep parts. It’s things like these that make a Cancun jet ski rental for the summer totally worth it!

An adventure suitable for most ages

Jet skis are suitable for nearly all age groups, children younger than 5 are not allowed due to safety risks; however, anyone above that age limit can gladly ride with you! A perfect way to enjoy a full family day on your set of personal watercrafts!

Another cool thing is that you are allowed to ride these jet skis from the age of 14+, so even your teens can ride with you along the ride and explore together! It’s very easy to operate and it brings lots of fun to the table, but remember that safety comes first!

What else can I do in Cancun?

Well, if after cruising down the Caribbean waters on your own watercraft you have not satisfied your needs for fun or adrenaline, besides a jet ski rental we have got the best variety of Cancun water sports you can take part in, unforgettable adventures, top-notch tours and more!

Surf the sky with the hoverboard

Technically, you can surf the sky if you jump on board one of these amazing hoverboards, a little help from the ocean and you’ll be gliding in the sky. The Cancun hoverboard experience is our top selection for adventurous people who enjoy being a little extreme!

Snorkel in the second largest coral reef

Yes, we’ve got the world’s second-biggest coral reef right here along the coastlines of our beaches, so if you’re ready to explore your way through the colorful shallow waters of Cancun or Riviera Maya, we’ve got you covered. You cannot miss the magic you’ll see when you snorkel in Cancun!

Scuba diving in Cancun

From wreck diving to night diving or from scuba diving in the underwater museum to a professional diving certificate, it’s up to you to decide in which flavor your underwater adventure will come in, we’ll just make sure you enjoy every step of the way.

Swim with giants

Ever had a swim next to a 40 ft whale shark? Currently, we’re on whale shark season! So if you wish to experience something impressive and majestic, a swim at the side of this gentle giant is what you want.

Once you’re in Cancun, you can rest assured that we’ll give you the best time you could ask for in your own vacation activities! Remember a jet ski rental is a must for this summer!