Cancun, more than an impressive tourist destination

Talking about Cancun leads us to think of one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet, for its beautiful beaches, the fineness of the sand, the delicious climate, and the cultural diversity that exists at this point of Mexico.

A little more than 40 years ago this place was completely virgin and the Mexican government together with the Mexico tourism promotion trust (FONATUR) planned a tourist attraction in the narrow strip between the Caribbean Sea and the Nichupté Lagoon.

Cancun according to the Mayans

Experts in the Mayan language agree that the meaning of the word Cancun means “Viper’s Nest”, the existence of more than 46 species is a natural justification for this name, in addition, in cultural matters, the veneration that the Mayans had should be taken into account towards reptiles.

It’s one of the most important touristic destinations

Since the creation of Cancun as an integral tourist center, the largest entry of foreign currency into the country has been achieved, thanks to its natural attractions such as beautiful beaches, the crystal clear water and the spectacular blue of the seas, the incredible tours and water activities, the countless opportunities to snorkel and get to know the marine flora and fauna Its pleasant climate has made it one of the places with the greatest climatic stability even above Miami Its proximity to the southern border and the proximity to the rest of the Caribbean Sea places Cancun in one of the privileged places in the world.

Tourism and more tourism

At the beginning of the 21st century, Cancun was (hard to believe) the backyard of Women Island, an area of ​​coconut ranches owned by the rich of that area.In 1969 the Bank of Mexico began a whole project for tourism to reach Mexico offering in addition to an unbeatable beach, Cancun, had something very particular: it was planted in the very heart of the Mayan civilization, surrounded by archaeological remains full of stories and a legacy that no other country has. Cancun offered the world for the first time, a millenary history surrounded by paradisiacal beauty and attractive landscapes. Today there are endless tours aquatic, and activities that can be done in the beautiful beaches of Cancun, Aquaworld offers all kinds of activities for its tourists or local people.

Activities in Cancun for the more adventurous


A very fun individual activity, consists of putting on a pair of boots attached to a board and some hoses that provide the water jet propulsion connected to a jet ski, it is something like flying over the Nichupté Lagoon very in the style of an aquatic Ironman.


An invention of Franky Zapata, the Hoverboard is very similar to the Flyboard since the objective is to “fly by propulsion” through the Nichupté lagoon, this activity is a mixture of surfing and skateboarding, balance and balance are sought to be able to move through the wind .


This fun activity is for those who love speed who love to feel the adrenaline rushing through the Caribbean Sea, this jet ski is the ideal option if you like to feel the breeze on your face.

Activities to enjoy the scenery


This activity is perfect to contemplate the landscape of the Mexican Caribbean, aboard a very safe two-seater seat, get to know the hotel zone of Cancun and the Nichupté lagoon while a boat drives at considerable speed, without a doubt, it is one of the experiences more fun for two.

Paradise Snorkel

With this activity you can contemplate the underwater landscape, since this tour offers all the sculptures that make up one of the rooms of the Cancun Underwater Museum of Art, the adventure begins when boarding the motorized boat that takes you to the floating platform in an area of Punta Nizuc.When you dive with the snorkel equipment, you will get to know one of the beautiful reefs as well as the collections that are in this room.

Bob adventure

This adventure can be found in few places in Cancun, Bob adventure It consists of diving in a simple way at the bottom of the sea and thus getting to know the beautiful reefs that characterize Cancun, it is only necessary to ride the scooter, put on the oxygen helmet and enjoy the ride, something very similar to the carousel horses but under the water and with a beautiful panorama full of marine flora and fauna.

Cancun is also synonymous with gastronomic delights from around the world, but above all from the region, there is a great variety of dishes that can be tried in this beautiful destination.

What to eat in Cancun?

If you are a seafood lover and want to try some delicious shrimp out of the ordinary, you have to visit the restaurant that Forrest Gump and his friend Bubba “created”, the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. It is one of the best restaurants you can find in Cancun, exactly at Blvd Kukulcan Km 11.5.One of the favorite restaurants of the locals and foreigners is the Fish Fritanga, its exquisite fish and an extensive menu full of delicacies from the sea, you can Taste in a relaxed atmosphere for the whole family, the palm trees embrace the visitors of this place full of flavor.

Madero Port one of the favorites throughout Mexico since its delicious cuts of meat appeal to connoisseurs of cuts, it is ideal for a light dinner, but it is not far behind if it is seafood and fish since its seafood bar prepared in different styles They offer all the flavor.A restaurant that offers an impressive sunset when enjoying its exquisite Mexican dishes, it is one of the most beautiful places with a Mayan style, it has the best menus if we talk about seafood, but there is a great variety of dishes with a very particular touch of the restaurant. La Habichuela Sunset is a restaurant known for preparing the best Yucatecan food.

A beautiful future for Cancun

Since its founding and thanks to its great growth in these last four decades, Cancun is considered the most dynamic city in the country, it is the largest door for a high percentage of foreign currency to enter, and it participates substantially thanks to domestic product. Quintana Roo is ranked as the most prosperous city on the peninsula, the first tourist destination in the Caribbean surpassing the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. The future of Cancun is encouraging, the construction of new hotels, golf courses, a modern hospital and real estate throughout the city is considerable. In addition to a 131 km Cancun-Tulum tourist corridor, there are estimated projects for tourist developments.

Eco Island Cancun, the 50-year-old cake

It is expected that by 2020, if the project is approved, the Eco Island Cancun will be carried out with a considerable number of important investors. This project is a tourist complex and is similar to the artificial islands of Dubai, it was designed by Richard Moreta Castillo. An underwater city, it will house hotels, residences, shopping centers, convention centers, cinemas and restaurants. The construction will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the creation of Cancun, giving the green light to this construction.

This project is competitive because it is a wind turbine that will take advantage of the energy of the wind, it will be an underwater current collector for ocean energy, it will have a rain collection system, a desalination plant and filter hydrocarbons and pollutants to improve health. from the nearby oceans.

If you haven’t visited Cancun yet, you have more than one reason to visit it, if your idea is to rest you will find peace lying on the relaxed beaches, with the lull of the calm waves that characterize the Cancun sea.

The aquatic activities invite anyone to cheer up and participate, the nightlife is worthy of a complete article thanks to all the alternatives that exist.

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