Sailfish Offers Unforgettable Experiences

Sailfish can measure anywhere from 4 to 5 feet (120 to 150 cm).
Fishers are excited about one of the most anticipated periods in Cancun — sailfish season!
Known for its long snout and dorsal fin that looks like the sail on a ship, the sailfish becomes an attraction starting in January.

Fish Tagging in Cancun

“It’s every fisher’s dream,” said Carlos “Charly” Machado, substitute captain at AquaWorld.
“When people come here to Cancun, they don’t want to lose this opportunity to fish one of the most interesting species because of its size, its beauty and the fight it gives,” he added.
Machado emphasized that AquaWorld is committed to promoting sustainable fishing.
Each sailfish is caught and released, with the option of tagging it to have more knowledge about it’s movements.


A sailfish typically weighs 50 kg (110 lbs) and can live for 10 years.
This species prefers warmer waters and migrates toward them according to the season’s change.
Hence, you can see sailfish in the Caribbean — Costa Rica, Cuba, Aruba, and of course the Riviera Maya and Cancun areas.

AquaWorld offers two services — fishing – Shared and Private charters.
There are years when the sailfish reproduce earlier, so the season could potentially start in December and normally runs til July. If you’re looking to spend some fishing time in Cancun aboard a top quality fishing boat, sipping a beer whilst waiting for a bite, Aquaworld is the place to be. Not only do the crew have years of experience, they even help bait and set up the gear so you don’t have to (unless you want to of course). Once the fish bite, there are two fighting chairs, bring it on!


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