Cancun Underwater Museum at DEMA show for self sustained projects

It’s an honour to announce that President and Co-founder of the Cancun Underwater Museum MUSA, will be giving a conference on how to generate a self sustained conservation project this year at DEMA 2015.

sdi and aquaworld at dema show

Roberto Diaz is president of the only Contemporary Museum of Art in the Caribbean Ocean. Aquaworld has teamed up with top worldwide dive agency SDI (Scuba Diving International) to host a number of conferences at the DEMA show on November 4th.  Roberto will be walking us through his 7 year journey and the creation of 500 plus statues.

Over the years, Cancun Underwater Museum MUSA has kept growing and growing and more statues keep falling into place. This self-sustained concept balances art and nature in a magnificent way.
MUSA keeps gaining fame and tourism revenue as time goes by and they have successfully continued with The Art of Conservation.

What is the DEMA Show?

DEMA has the purpose of helping you control your business and career by hosting the only international trade-only event for the travel industry along with action watersports and diving.
At DEMA Show show, you can educate your entire team with the specialized training, collaborate with suppliers and customers in one of the show’s networking events.

cancun underwater museum at dema

You’ll also be able to discover the latest innovations and trends that lead the dive equipment market and enhance the success of your business with top of the line practice tips and current economic trends.

What is Cancun Underwater Museum doing here?

As we know, or in case you don’t, MUSA’s main objective is to not only create an enticing adventureland underwater for people to enjoy! The Cancun Underwater Museum is a monument to how humans and  art can interact in balance with nature.

cancun under water museum musa

Each underwater sculpture is created with special materials that provokes the spawn of life within its frames. How has that worked out? Perfect! MUSA, still half-way from its goal (over 1,000 statues) has successfully bred life in its many forms in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.

Over 100 species live here along with all the color and might of a natural coral reef. Everyday, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people visit this underwater museum. Here at Aquaworld we have diving and snorkeling tours all day everyday because of its popularity!

It’s no wonder why Cancun Underwater Museum President Roberto Díaz was invited to speak at DEMA, being the co-founder and part of the masterminds that initated this ambitious and ecofriendly project.
cancun underwater museum
If you’re planning on visiting these waters, don’t forget to try diving in Cancun or snorkeling in Isla Mujeres, which is where you can find the Cancun Underwater Museum MUSA. You will not regret exploring this beauty.

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