Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA)

The Cancun Underwater Museum is one the most amazing tourist attractions in the world. An absolute “must see” if you are on vacations in Cancun!

Cancun Underwater Museum also known as MUSA is a Non Profit Organization based in Cancun Mexico devoted to the Art of Conservation.

In November 2009, around 100 statues were placed in shallow waters of Cancun National Marine Park, and that was the beginning of the project.

The total museum installation occupies more than 150 sq. meters (1,600 sq. feet) and weighs over 120 tons. The museum will one day be an artificial ecosystem with different types of fish and marine life.

This museum is located in waters surrounding Cancun, Punta Nizuc and Isla Mujeres and is one of the most astonishing underwater sculptural installations you will ever see.

Around 470 startling sculptures of Jason deCaires Taylor will take your breath away.
Taylor is an internationally acclaimed sculptor of underwater sculptures, and contemporary underwater sculptures which over time develop into artificial coral reefs became his specialty.
Combining his skills as an underwater photographer, conservationist and scuba diving instructor he managed to create magnificent underwater living installations.

This bewildering collection of sculptures encourages growth of corals and marine life. The peculiarity of his work is that they change over time affected by the environment.

The synergy of creation and nature gives a special charm to these sculptures because these changes would be impossible to emulate artificially. As time wears on, the sculptures change and evolve into spectacular formations.

Sculptures of the Cancun Underwater Museum

The sculptures are made of pH-neutral marine concrete and Taylor planned for the creations to change and become artificial reefs because some corals were planted on and around the sculptures.
In Punta Nizuc you can see astonishing Taylor’s works such as ResurrectionHoly Man, Reclamation, Vein Man, The Last Supper, Void, No Turning Back, The Speaker, The Listener, Inertia, Inheritance, The Gardener.

In Manchones you can see The Dream Collector, AnthropoceneThe Silent Evolution (450 sculptures)Man on Fire, Urban Reef, The Bankers and Time Bomb (fuse).
Apart from Taylor’s works, you can see many other magnificent master pieces created by five other Mexican sculptors.

Besides, there is a life-size, 8-ton cement replica of a Volkswagen Beetle which is also one of the amazing works of Jason deCaires.

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