Cavern diving, meet the Chikin Ha cenote

If you are one of those who seeks adventure through cave diving, we bring you an exciting place: Chikin Ha Cavern, it will take your breath away.

Geologists estimate that there are about 6,000 cenotes throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, but only 2,000 have been discovered and many of them are not suitable for cave diving, due to how small or narrow they can be.

These cenotes are approximately 6,500 years old and can only be found in the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula.

The Mexican Caribbean, in addition to having the second barrier reef, is also one of the special places where you will find an endless number of incredible cenotes, making Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum one of the most visited destinations to practice diving in caverns.

Did you know that the word cenote comes from the Mayan word “Dzonot”? Which means sacred well, the Mayans believed that it was an entrance to the inflaming which makes the cave diving experience an adventure.

The best cavern diving experience

There is a special cenote, which will take you to live an excellent cave diving experience and is located more or less 5 km from Puerto Aventuras in front of the hotel. Barceló Maya ResortIn this area you will find 3 incredible cenotes: Xtabay, Chikin Ha, which was the gate of Xilbalbá and Takbiha.

The Chikin Ha cenote was considered the entrance to the depths of the underworld, according to the Mayans Chikin Ha was the gate of Xibalbá.

Chikin Ha is one of the most beautiful open cenotesThanks to its shallow depth, the light makes everything crystal clear. Including the hundreds of colorful fish and the emerald green of the algae.

The Chikin Ha cenote is one of the options in the Riviera Maya if it is the first time that you are going to practice cavern diving.

Chiki Ha has two types of cenotes; the open cavern that is perfect for diving beginners and the closed cavern, which requires entering it through holes that lead you to the underground cavern, undoubtedly an adventure for those passionate about cavern diving. For cavern diving, Open Water certification is required, as it is considered an advanced dive. If you want to get certified, Aquaworld can help you get it.

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