Celebrating Gay Marriage Approval in Cancun

Have you heard today’s news? They’ve baffled everyone with gay marriage approval in the US! We were very happy to hear about it this morning, especially because, if you recall, we sponsored the first gay marriage in Cancún just a few days ago and we are also celebrating!

Remember them? Raúl and Luis, who got married on our wonderful Cancun Queen boat tour!  Here’s what happened that day!
It was a very nice morning here in Cancún, a little windy which was perfect to ease the hot weather. We had to meet up with Luis and Raul’s guests to board the “The Cancun Queen” which is one of our private charters.

Everyone was really excited; there was so much joy around us! Everything was perfect. Both our grooms wore matching white suit jackets and pale blue suit pants, followed by their respective boutonniere and so, both walked the aisle holding hands.
Once there, they tearfully exchanged wedding vows and smiles only to be followed by the rings pointedly guided by our wedding’s priest with that big question we all want to hear: “Do you consent to take as your spouse…?” – Both our grooms nodded happily and replied a strong, joyful “I do”.

With handkerchiefs at hand, the guests wiped off the happy tears that ran from their eyes, just like our grooms’ and thus, began to enjoy the party our private charter had ready for them.
Family, friends and our couple enjoyed a beautiful sundown through Laguna Nichupté aboard the Mississippi style paddle boat, all in all, it was a wonderful end to an evening of dancing, eating and singing amongst their loved ones.
If you are wondering what kind of food they had the answer would be delicious canapés, shrimps, steak, salad and chocolate cake. The perfect combination to accompany the celebration in the lagoon.

And so, a beautiful night dedicated to love and magic, ended perfectly with smiles, laughter, sparkly eyes, newlyweds and a very amazing and unique experience aboard the 2 deck private cruise.
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