Conservation of sea turtles in Akumal

If you are one of those who love to live with nature, see new places and do water activities then this post is for you, meet the sea ​​turtles in Akumal.

In case you don’t know what Akumal is, you can only define this place with 4 words: “A really beautiful destination”, Akumal is part of the Riviera Maya urbanization and is located next to beautiful reefs.

Akumal is synonymous with tranquility, nature and beauty in many ways. Many of the visitors to this place come to live with the sea turtles that inhabit this region.

Sea turtles in Akumal

The inhabitants of Akumal as well as the regulars to this place have an ecofriendly conscience with sea turtles as well as the common place, being respectful is the first rule to enjoy and preserve this beautiful place as well as sea turtles, for this reason you We present the care that you should have during your visit.

Sea turtles are species that are in danger of extinction, therefore on your visit to Akumal you should take care of them based on the following recommendations.

Recommendations for the care of sea turtles in Akumal

If you want to approach them by boat, you should avoid discarding garbage, containers, plastics, weight lines or any object or food that sea turtles can ingest or get entangled in them, totally avoided!

It is possible that on your way through the beach you will find places with nesting sea turtles, especially in the spawning season, if so then avoid walking around with vehicles and pets, if you approach do it very carefully and respecting their space, remember that you are the guest to their habitat.

Avoid walking at night through the areas of the beach where nesting takes place, much less lighting these areas as this can disorient the sea turtles If you are already in the water and see sea turtles, then observe them from a distance considerable, many of them are friendly but respects their living space.

Can I snorkel anywhere in the bay?

The areas to see sea turtles are demarcated with red buoys, it is only necessary that you inform yourself well before diving. If you snorkel it is necessary that you know that this area is protected thanks to the presence of reefs, we recommend you to practice this activity withAquaworldFor the experts to take you along the routes so that you can enjoy the sea turtles while protecting them at the same time that you live this experience in the best way.