Contest Draw a sea pet with Aquaworld

On Aquaworld we continue celebrating our first 30 years of life And this time we wanted to share it with little artists from different schools and foundations, for this, we created a dynamic to boost the creativity of hundreds of little ones from 3 to 7 years of age.

Several schools were invited to participate in this fun dynamic. The main idea of ​​the ‘Draw a marine pet’ contest was to awaken the creativity of the little ones and to show us how they see marine life. Hundreds of drawings of fish, turtles, octopuses and more were received, all captured with the creativity that characterizes the little ones.

The invited schools and foundations brought their drawings to the Aquaworld marina.

Schools such as King David, Itza Kindergarten, Xohipilli School, Quetzal Kindergarten and the foundations Casa de la Alegría Foundation – Helping Hand, Fundación Pro Sindrome de Down Cancún and APAFHDEM were invited to this celebration

There were four categories in which children from 3 years old to 7 years old participated to win the award: a trip for their entire classroom in theSubseeand thus know the marine world. Guides and experts in marine species taught them the names of thousands of fish that welcomed them to the bottom of the ocean
In total, 486 drawings were received. The kindergarten 1 and 2 preschool category with small artists of 3 and 4 years old presented 203 drawings and the winner was Esteban R, the Kinder 3 category had a total of 116 drawings and the winner was Victoria, 143 drawings from the primary category participated and the award went to Genesis K, in terms of foundations the total was 27 canvases presented and the winner was Lady. For Aquaworld it was a pleasure to celebrate its 30 years and receive so much ingenuity embodied to give life to marine species from the beginning. perception of the little ones.

We present some of the works that participated in this recreational dynamic.

Angel – Kinder 2

Esmeralda – Kinder 3

Franco – Kinder 3

Roberta – Elementary

Lady – Pro Down Syndrome Foundation Cancun