Cozumel, a heavenly destination to enjoy

Mexico has countless tourist destinations within the municipality of Quintana Roo and Cozumel is one of the most visited.

This magical place is located 60 kilometers south of Cancun, it is the largest island in the Mexican Atlantic and is completely flat, low and dense.

A town called San Miguel

Most of the inhabitants of Cozumel live in the town that is located on the western side of the island. There are around 72,000 inhabitants on this delicious island, the floating population allows you to meet people from all over the planet, if you like to socialize you can find great friends in Cozumel.

History of Cozumel

The island like many towns around the Riviera Maya were part of an Olmec civilization (around 1500 BC), on this island Olmec jade pieces were found.

This civilization of Cozumel, believed that the place was sacred thanks to the Mayan Goddess of the Moon; Ix Chel, several ruins of this civilization have been discovered on the island and most of its constructions were made in the postclassic period.

In 1970 Cozumel opened its large airport to attract a large number of tourists to the island.One of the greatest attractions of Cozumel is theCoral reef that invites us to do snorkel within the rich waters of the island.

Reefs in Cozumel visited by Jacques Cousteau

The coral reefs of Palancar on the south side of the island caught the attention of Jacques Cousteau in 1959, calling it “one of the most special places to dive in the world” thanks to the beauty that nature has given us.

In 1996 they established the National Reef Marine Park in Cozumel, which protects the reef in every way, together with snorkeling and diving professionals to give visitors the opportunity to know this natural beauty without hurting it.Aquaworld has some snorkeling tours that you can choose to get to know this maritime show while protecting it.

Divine beaches, beautiful beaches

We cannot finish this article without talking about the beautiful and distinguished beaches that surround the island of Cozumel, the calm and crystalline waters are worthy of the arrival of thousands of guests a year, the San Martin beach, the Bonita beach and El mirador are Beaches that are located on the eastern side of Cozumel and are the busiest either for activities or to rest on the beautiful sand.

Punta Molas It is located on the northeast side, that is where you will find a beautiful lighthouse, but to get to that beautiful place, you have to use an ATV, bicycle or car, since it is a place removed from the center of Cozumel.

Aquaworld has an excellent tour for you to know this incredible and picturesque island, now you can travel on the Ferry and enjoy this tour.

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