Cozumel, top destination for diving and snorkeling

Cozumel is a top destination for diving and snorkeling all over the world. It is a teardrop-formed coral island, structured by a limestone level of 151 sq. miles  (392 sq. km) 

The island measures 34 miles (56km) from North to South and 8 miles (14km) from East to West, making it Mexico´s biggest island.

Cozumel is the biggest and most populated Island in the Mexican Caribbean. The western shoreline of Cozumel has long white sand beaches and cool and perfectly clear water.

Cozumel’s marine life

If you Dive or snorkel in Cozumel you will find wonderful reefs with their amazing marine life with bright coral arrangements, bright colorful fishes, turtles, lobsters, crabs and more. You can also see big species of fish like Bull Sharks and Sailfish!

You can also experience the clear and magical waters of an old Mayan cenoteThe water is clear to the point that diving is more like flying than swimming.

Cozumel was founded by Jacques Cousteau and the exceptional clear water, terrific reef dividers, holes, swim throughs and wealth of marine life drove him to announce the region as a standout amongst the most mind boggling diving destinations on the world.

Cozumel has an awesome variety of marine life with more than 250 types of fish.
On most parts of the diving or snorkeling tour it is possible to see, turtles, groupers, moray eels, nurse sharks and seahorses.

A one of a kind animal that could be found in the Cozumel’s waters is the Splendid Toadfish. This timid, bizarre animal is in danger of extinction however some lucky exceptionally perceptive divers may be able to find one.