Curiosities about the world of diving

All activities usually have curious facts and the world of diving is not far behind. Learn about some uses, signs, inventions and more curiosities about this incredible sport.

Expressions and uses of diving

The hands are one of the parts of the body that is least used in diving. For swimming, the movement of the fins is enough, in this way energy is saved. The hands are only used to turn or to give the basic dive cues. Once you are in the depths, it is important to know the signals to express actions and situations before starting the dives to be able to communicate with other companions and help if required.

Diving curiosities

The oxygen tank is made up of 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. The secret is that air is compressed unlike liquids. Cold spreads 25 times faster in water than in air. Sound also has a much faster propagation in water than in air. Given this difference, the sound reaches the ears with the same speed and it is easy to guess its origin. 97% of the existing water on Earth is salty and is found in the various seas and oceans. Only the remaining 3% is fresh water, where most of it is trapped within the polar caps and under the Earth’s surface. Which leaves a smaller portion of surface and atmospheric water available.

Inventions that revolutionized diving

In terms of inventions, we have the rubber fins that were invented by the French Louis de Corlieu, being patented in 1932. Until that moment, it was only possible to move underwater by walking, along the bottom of the sea with lead boots. This invention, which today seems so simple, revolutionized the world of diving.

In 1823, Charles Deane, created a helmet designed for firefighters with the idea of ​​protecting themselves from smoke and fire. The helmet was not of much use, since it heated up inside the fires and took away agility. That’s when Charles Deane, looking to recoup his investment, tested it underwater. It turned out to be a success, although at the time there was the downside of pumping fresh air into the airtight hull.

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