Curious facts and recommendations to travel to Cancun

Many are lovers of the beautiful beaches of Cancun, but there are certain facts that few know, it is time for you to be one of those privileged and learn more about one of the most visited beaches in the country.

Cancun is a word of Mayan origin that means “nest of snakes” is the second name that was given after Ekab which means Black Earth.

Cancun has a number of archaeological ruins and most of them are very close to the hotel zone.

The color and fineness of the sand on the beaches of Cancun are thanks to the coral crushed by the blows of the waves, the sand is one of the few that are at room temperature, making it easy to walk without burning.

One of the most visited beaches in the world

Cancun is the second most visited city in the country, the regulars to this tourist destination are foreign tourists and the airport of this hot city is the second with the highest traffic in Latin America.

It is one of the favorite places of future spouses, since the weddings that take place in Cancun and the Riviera Maya exceed a total of 45,000 weddings a year, thanks to the beauty of this tourist destination thousands of people from all over the world come to get married under the sunset of Cancun.

Cancun above 25 degrees

This paradisiacal destination has an average temperature of 25 degrees 365 days a year, however, this can rise depending on the time of year. The humidity in the environment can increase the temperature, if the thermometer tells us that we are at 29º thanks to the humidity the thermal sensation can increase up to 39º, as who says, it will feel very warm. The rainy season is between the months of June and October, the last two months being the rainiest

The best excursions to do in Cancun

If you have already arrived in Cancun and the climate is optimal for outdoor activities, then take advantage and visit the impressive ruins of Chichen Itzá, only 200 km from the city, this adventure will take you all day but it is the best.

If underwater activities are your thing and you are not afraid of marine species, then you should immerse yourself in the activities of Aquaworld, diving, snorkel Y swimming with dolphins, without a doubt the best experiences to take advantage of the whole day, now that if you want to sail near the Nichupté lagoon then the Jungle tour Aquaworld is for you, remember that if you come to Cancun and do not do any of these activities, it is as if you had not come.

One of the must-see activities in Cancun is meeting the mystics cenotes and the innumerable lagoons of this beautiful place characterized by its beautiful and crystalline waters.

Now that if you want to dive a little more and have previous knowledge of Diving, you can certify yourself in professional diving And now enjoy the privileges of having a diving certificate. We don’t even talk about nightlife, since Cancun offers a wide variety of nightclubs, many of them located in the hotel zone or in downtown Cancun.