Deep diving in Cancun, everything you need to know

Cancun invites you to practice watersports Y deep dive So you will have the opportunity to enjoy the hidden wonders of the Mexican Caribbean.

The depths of the sea have ecosystems very different from those of the mainland, but to be able to admire them it is necessary to have diving experience. That’s why deep dives require planning and discipline to safely enjoy all the great things to be found in the deep.

Everything you need to know before going deep diving in Cancun

One thing to keep in mind when diving is not to dive alone. Diving is a team sport. On the other hand, it is essential to check the condition of the equipment before entering the water. The idea of ​​not diving is only that you can check your partner’s equipment and he can check yours.

With tours of Aquaworld, this will not be a problem, because you will dive with a trained professional who will also make sure that the equipment works correctly and you will also get a PADI certification.

Climate is vital for the practice of deep dive. The currents must be adequate for diving, as well as for sailing, since the diving point is reached by boat.Other very important points is to have rested, be hydrated and in physical shape, to perform deep diving in a more pleasant way . Alcohol or a night of poor sleep will detract from your senses.

Knowledge of the signals for deep diving

The knowledge of the signs When it comes to deep diving, they are essential because they can prevent you from having a bad time in the depths. These signals will allow you to be in contact with the rest of the group of divers, allowing you a safe dive.

Among the main signals, there are the so-called “sound”. Through these, the most basic understanding under water is carried out. A whistle or blow means ‘stop’, to ‘continue’ it is two blows or whistles. With three blows or whistles you are calling a ‘meeting’, while four blows or blows is a signal of ‘alarm’.

The knowledge of the aforementioned signs, along with others that you will learn at the time of learn to dive At Aquaworld, they are essential to minimize risks and achieve understanding among divers. In the practice of night dive With Aquaworld the signals that you will learn will be rather visual, since you will dive with a flashlight and admire the natural colors of the underwater environment.

When diving deep you will find boats and caverns

Sunken ships and caves are invitations to dive when looking for new adventures or experiences. The diving deep in drifting objects is extremely attractive but requires great care.

Both for diving in sunken ships and cenotes it is essential to have proper training. Lack of light can be disorienting and visibility is changeable. Updating through courses, especially buoyancy is important, as well as identifying aquatic life.

When night diving in the depths, inside sunken ships and caves, it is very important to bring a flashlight and a compass, although this may receive interference depending on the metal of the structure.

Deep dive tours

To enjoy deep diving at Aquaworld you can hire our tour to Cozumel. If you have one appropriate certification, it is possible to dive between 20 and 26 meters to explore the beautiful reef. Also if you are staying in a hotel on the island, we could take you on a night dive.

Our tour of wreck and reef diving It is another option to dive deeper than 20 meters. In this case, we can take you to explore a sunken ship of the Mexican Navy, the Mine Sweeper C-58, if we leave Cancun. However, if we left from Puerto Morelos, we would explore the Juan Escutia, a ship sunk in 1996.

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