Deep Sea Fishing Charters In Cancun, Bring the Kids!

If you’re looking for exciting deep sea fishing charters in CancunAquaWorld offers you the best choices. You’ll have a blast sailing the open sea, and you’ll ramp up the fun when you bring a group!
Most of all, if you have kids, definitely bring them along! You’ll truly enjoy their innocent wonder as they engage with the ocean while going for the biggest catch.

So get your family and friends out to Cancun, and prepare for the fishing adventure of a lifetime aboard our charters!

AquaWorld Deep Sea Fishing Options in Cancun

First of all, you’ll have two choices of deep sea fishing charters in Cancun. Either on a private tour or on a group outing, it all depends on where you’d like to go and what kind of fish you seek.

AquaWorld’s private options are for those with more fishing expertise. While group charter tours are experiences you’d share with other people

The group fishing tour lasts 6 hours, giving you enough time to experience a total fishing adventure. In addition, we offer a 4-hour option for light fishing in other surrounding areas.

Furthermore, we equip each AquaWorld boat with GPS devices, a fish finder, two fighting chairssafety equipment, a bathroom, and all the supplies you need for the experience.

Especially relevant, AquaWorld’s veteran crew is ready to help you with everything you need. Top it all off with a cooler full of drinks — beer, water and soda — and you’re set for an ocean-full of adventures.

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What is Deep Sea Fishing?

Deep sea fishing takes place in deep areas of the ocean — such as 30 minutes east of Isla Mujeres.  There, you can find big fish such as tuna, sailfish and swordfish searching for smaller prey.

Fishing out at deep sea can be a fun and relaxing sport, but it can also be adventurous and challenging. It all depends on the type of fish you want to catch and the place you’re doing it.

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Best Places to Fish in Cancun

The waters of Cancun and the Caribbean Sea are home to a wide variety of fish. Whether you’re interested in light fishing, or deep sea fishing, or catch and release, AquaWorld’s fishing charters in Cancun are a great option for people with experience. Also, it’s great for those simply interested in adventure and memorable moments with friends.

One of the best places for fishing in Cancun is Arrowsmith — home to various species of fish including barracuda, rainbow runner, queen trigger fish, and more.

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Depending on the season, you can track different species using special equipment and high speed boats.

Because light fishing trips are generally private and closer to the coast, you and the crew will track smaller species of salt water fish there.

Kids Can Board Deep Sea Fishing Charters in Cancun, Too!

As a result of AquaWorld’s epic fishing charters in Cancun, don’t be surprised if the kids want to come along. And that’s perfectly fine, they’re totally welcome!

Courtesy of our friends at Outdoor Empire, here are some important tips for the smaller/first-time fishers to have a great time:

  • Provide them with smaller equipment.
  • Help them to entice certain types of fish.
  • Avoid crowded locations (what better place than the open sea).
  • Teach them the importance of catch and release to preserve fish populations.
  • Keep them safe with sunscreen and comfortable clothing

In conclusion, just come with the family and have a great time fishing in the turquoise Caribbean! Please let us know how we can accommodate you. We’ll be glad to help you fall in love with the deep sea aboard our fishing charters!

—This post was originally published April 10, 2015.