Discover Scuba Plus 2 Other Exciting Activities

Aquaworld’s Discovery Package includesthe Discover Scuba diving trip plus 2 other exciting activities. This is a great way to experience the underwater world with the added bonus of two extra tours to keep the fun alive.

The waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea are intensely amazing with colorful coral and tropical fish and plenty of other sea creatures.

The amazing visibility within the crystal blue waters in contrast to the white sandy beachesgreen and lush jungle areas, stunning hotels and resorts that line the coast and the warm orange of the sun is perhaps one of the things that many people remember the most from their vacations in Cancun.

With so much amazement to be seen, scuba diving is a good way to experience the sea in all its splendor.

Choose the site for your Discover Scuba experience

Your Suba Diving tour can be taken in CancunCozumel or in the Riviera Maya, the package deal begins with a lesson on learning to dive. The lesson begins with basic dive procedures and safety signals and it is followed by a dive to test equipment.

After the instructors take you on the actual dive so you can explore the wonderful sights of the caribbean the only thing left is to choose the location where you want to take your dive.

The locations which you can choose are the underwater museum MUSAMoon PalacePlaya Mujeres and so many more in CozumelCancun or the Riviera Maya. The experience will definitely blow your mind especially if you are a first time diver.

Many locations also include an underwater photo so you can remember the experience and have a souvenir to show to family and friends.

All diving equipment is also included. The minimum age to dive is 10 years old, so some children are also welcome in on the experience. Discovery Scuba Plus Activity Package is a great way to learn more about Mexico’s marine diversity and to experience the beauty of the sea.
Discover Scuba Plus 2 extra exciting activities

Choose Two Additional Tours

With the added bonus of two additional tours, this package is a great way to fill your day with fun activities. Select between the fun aqua roller coaster, Aquatwister or speed through the waters on the two person Jungle tour.

Enjoy flying high on the parasailing adventure Skyrider and maybe combine that with jetting through the waters on the water jet adventure Waverunner.

Also available is the hoverboard adventure which is exciting and intense, all rolled up in one. Snorkel in the Underwater Museum MUSA and experience Mexico’s efforts to diversify and protect corals and sea habitats using artificial reefs in a very artistic way.

Mix, match and choose 2 tours among these options after your scuba experience. Each tour is unique yet definitely worth it.

Whether you choose to relax and parasail above the Caribbean Sea or something more thrilling and adventurous like water hoverboarding, a unique and extremely entertaining experience this package allows you to enjoy the best tours.

Get ready for a new adventure at the bottom of the sea, Book your dive now!