Discover Scuba plus two incredible activities

If it is the first time you dive the package Aquaworld Discovery It gives you the most complete experience where you will take the Discover Scuba plus two extra activities so you can have the most fun.

Doing recreational activities in water always turns out to be an incredible experience and there is a great variety of things we can do, in addition to that there will always be something that suits the tastes of each person. The Discovery package offers you diving lessons, a Diving from a tank and to make the most of your stay in Cancun you can do 2 additional activities. Below we describe the extra tours you can do, so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Discover Scuba

No need to be an expert in diving To be able to enter the sea, we have personnel that will train you properly, you will learn to dive and also discover the wonderful world that exists in the depths. Experts in the field will give you the necessary training so that you learn to dive. You can do it in the spotted reef and you will be able to appreciate the wonders of the coral or you will also be able to enter the Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun (MUSA) This is the first part of the Aquaworld Discovery package. Then choose two of the following activities to keep the fun going with Aquaworld.


If your desire is to feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins when going at high speed in the water, this is an option that will undoubtedly make you have an incredible time. You will feel for 30 minutes you will go on a boat tour at full speed, this experience is equivalent to getting on a roller coaster but in the water. You will also experience unexpected stops and voracious turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Jungle tour

The snorkel It is one of the water activities that tourists prefer the most, and at Aquaworld we have the best package for you. You will sail in a boat for 2 people through the Mesoamerican reef, which is the second largest in the world; and through the Nichupté lagoonYou will be able to know all the natural landscape that surrounds this area of ​​Cancun, you will also be able to appreciate animals such as turtles, iguanas, crabs and leopards in their natural habitat.


The best choice of parasailing We have it here at Aquaworld, where in the company of another person you will be able to contemplate all the sea and the incredible landscapes that the paradisiacal city of Cancun offers from the heights while a boat makes your trip unique.


Travel the seas from the beaches of Cancun with our waverunners that you can rent for half an hour or an hour. The waverunners are in perfect condition so that when you want to, you can start sailing through the seas and have fun like never before.


One of the latest inventions to have fun doing water activities is the Hoverboard, which will allow you to know what it feels like to fly over the sea or surf in waters without waves. You will be propelled by several hoses that will shoot water under pressure, which will cause that sensation of feeling that you are floating. Currently we already have it available in Aquaworld, what are you waiting to come and try it? Our staff is trained to provide the necessary training before carrying out any activity of the Aquaworld Discovery package, in addition all our equipment is in excellent condition and if so You also wish we can provide bilingual attention.

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