Discover Scuba, your first scuba diving certification

Having the basic theoretical and practical knowledge is very important when diving and that’s why Discover Scuba is the best course if you want to get your first scuba diving certification.

Why is certification important? If you are looking to scuba dive with a certified operator, you won’t be allowed to go diving without a certification.

Self-education is highly satisfying, however, not much to experiment.Theoretical part is important of course, but without the practical training you will not have idea on how to act in the specific situation (which is crucial).

Of course it is commendable to get all the theoretical information first, but the value and importance of practical training cannot be compared with browsing some Internet websites before going scuba diving!

The biggest practical problem is that you simply will not know what to do in some cases, and without the instructors’ technical feedback and training, you could get yourself in trouble. And you certainly don’t want that on your long awaited summer vacation in Cancun, right?

For all these reasons you don’t want to miss out on the great scuba diving experience on your perfect Cancun vacation, and that’s why Aquaworld is there for you!

Scuba diving with Aquaworld, the best option!

Scuba-diving certification with Aquaworld is the best option for you! Certification will hardly take a day or two, depending on the class of training that is being provided.

Training will not only give you universal certificates allowing you to go scuba diving anywhere in the world, but will also give you confidence which will allow you to have a closer look at the underwater world. You will be more relaxed and enjoying your dive.

Aquaworld in Cancun and Cozumel offers many certification-levels, depending on the level of mastery you have till now.

Discover Scuba course in Cancún

The basic course you will need to go for your first scuba diving experience is Discover Scuba. With Aquaworld you will always be in the safest and well-trained hands of certified instructors who’ll train you to go deep inside the blue world.

With Discover Scuba in Aquaworld, you will get a short lesson in which our instructors will give you important information and explanations regarding the safety signals and basic dive procedures.
After the lesson, you will hop in the gear and try it out in confined water. Once you got used to the gear and feel comfortable in the underwater environment, we will take you to your first dive where you can put in practice what you have learned previously.

Choose the best site for your first scuba diving tour

Our instructors will be there for you to answer all the questions you may have and help you with anything you need help with. Discover Scuba includes all the equipment necessary, theoretical and practical lessons in the pool, supervised dive and 1 tank dive.
If you stay in Cancun your first ocean dive can be on the Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA) or Manchones reef area. Also in case you opted for accommodation in Cozumel you can go for your first dive to Paradise Reef.

We realize that your first ocean dive is a special experience, so that is why we provide one underwater photo. Besides, drinks are also provided by Aquaworld so you don’t have to worry about it. Just sign up for your Discover Scuba package, and enjoy!

If you need some additional information feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you out in any way!

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