Discover the Story Behind the Sacred Cenotes

Derived from the ancient Mayan language, cenotes are underground water formations, caused by rain filtrations. They have existed since the dawn of time and their story goes way back to the time of the Mayans. They tell legends about a mythical creature that inhabited the cenotes of Yucatan, the mighty bird ‘Toh’. Gather round to hear a little about this story!

The story behind the sacred cenotes

Rumor has it that Toh was a little bird that possessed a beautiful tail, which made him look as sacred as king Kukul. Because of his majestic tail, Toh became an arrogant and proud bird. One night, a furious storm was coming, and the birds from all around gathered to protect their community, meanwhile Toh, scared of ruining his tail, decided to hide in a hole on a rock and wait until the rain stopped.

What Toh never knew, was that when he hid, he left his tail exposed from his little refugee, on a road where other birds used to walk by carrying their loads. Later, when the rain stopped, Toh came out of his hole, only to see that his tail was gone, the only thing left were two rods where his feathers used to be. Ashamed and terrorized, he flew into an underground cave, where the other birds could never see him again.

This and many other stories await in one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit! You cannot come to Mexico and not visit a cenote.

The Toh bird is just one of the amazing species that inhabit most of the Yucatan Peninsula region,  and it is distinguished by its turquoise color. Come and meet the mighty Toh bird, let his vibrant turquoise-brown colors amaze you in your visit to cenote Dos Ojos in Tulum, considered by many as one of the loveliest places in all Mexico.