Dive and meet eagle rays in Cancun

You are still in time to meet the eagle rays in Cancun, the migration season of this species takes place in the winter months and it is a more than captivating spectacle.

If you are passionate about diving, this activity will give you the opportunity to meet the eagle rays in Cancun and it takes place in the winter months, all this thanks to the migration they make to the Northern Hemisphere.

This incredible species reaches the waters of the Caribbean Sea with the purpose of mating and thus achieving the proliferation of its species. Eagle rays are cartilaginous fish that live in large groups on sandy bottoms with depths reaching 200 meters.

They are a large species, reaching 185 centimeters in length and weighing around 15 kilos.

Enjoy the eagle rays in Cancun is possible

Aquaworld It has a couple of diving tours that will give you the opportunity to observe these incredible species in Cancun or Cozumel, as well as many other species full of colors and surprising shapes.

The reefs are the hosts of this incredible dance of eagle rays in Cancun, so if you are about to reach the Caribbean Sea you must include it in your activities in Cancun.

Eagle rays have a large nose to remove sand from the soil and thus catch their prey, they feed on crustaceans, mollusks and small invertebrate fish.

The famous tail of the eagle rays has poisonous spines, these are mainly to defend themselves from predators when they feel threatened, however they are not aggressive species towards divers. If you want to have this incredible experience, then you must keep your distance and observe the beautiful dance of nature.

Just as the whale shark is one of the species that come to give a show to tourists who visit the Mexican Caribbean, both are in protected areas because they are in danger of extinction.

What will I find in my path if I practicediving in Cancun?

Without a doubt, Cancun is one of the roughest destinations in terms of water activities for one reason only, the natural beauty of its waters, reefs and incredible marine life.

While you dive, you will find reefs of different structures, in addition to finding under the waters of the “Great Belt of Reefs of the Western Atlantic” this barrier reef is considered the second largest in the world.

You will find large coral formations, technically, they are not corals but they have a very close relationship with them and you can know the types of colares before living the experience.

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