Diving and snorkeling in the Cancun Underwater Museum

Diving and snorkeling in the Cancun Underwater Museum are two of the activities you must try if you are visiting Cancun or the surroundings. Be amazed with over 470 statutes that are waiting for you!

There may be many sites to see in the world and many adventures on your to do list, yet none of them compare to the Cancun Underwater Museum.

Depicting human experiences and artistic pieces, each underwater sculpture conveys a message while also contributing to the ecological sustainability of the beautiful natural coral reefs in the area that had previously been damaged by the influx of underwater tourism.

This museum is an eco-project coordinated by sculptors in a non-profit local organization and was created as an effort to allow the continual flow of tourism while protecting the coral reefs and amazing sea life found in the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

MUSA, the Cancun Underwater Museum

The Cancun Underwater Museum, MUSA, is host to a number of underwater sculptures and pieces including the stunning “Silent Evolution” which depicts a number of human figures in symbolic gestures that illustrate mankind’s impact on nature and the world around them.

Also, there are other amazing pieces such as The Man on Fire and the Dream Collector. With over 470 life sized sculptures, the museum is definitely dynamic and unique of its kind.

The mysterious and detailed stone images sit forcefully on the ocean floor within the National Marine Park as colorful fish and other sea creatures live and swim between each piece. The sculptures evolve rapidly as sea life including coral have quickly made the art a part of their space.

The creators, Jason DeCaires Taylor and Jaime Gonzalez along with the help of others shaped these pieces in 2008 and began to sink the structures with plans to create three galleries as an artificial place for coral reefs to grow and flourish.

Naturally, other sea life that relies on coral reefs as their habitat and home began to increase in the area as well.

This museum is now a great destination for snorkeling and diving fans!

Diving and Snorkeling Tours to MUSA

The sculptures you visit during the snorkeling and scuba diving tours to MUSA are near Punta Nizuc and Manchones. Scuba diving in the area is a popular option in order to see closer, the amazing details not only crafted by the sculptors but also the details of the sea life living within and around the pieces.

Explore many creations and silently watch as sea turtles and colorful reefs abounds everywhere, making the statues even more luminous and impressive.

Snorkeling tours to the Underwater Museum of Cancun should not be missed if you are up for a different and exciting vacation!

The statues and other sculptures speak of adventure, of cities and dreams being swallowed up by the sea, lost and left to become part of the marine habitat.

However, they remind us that we must care for all life on our planet and maintain the natural diversity of sea creatures, big and small.

This adventure to scuba dive or snorkel in MUSA is indeed another exciting reason to visit Cancun!

Get ready for a new adventure at the bottom of the sea, Book your dive now!