Diving certifications for beginners and experts

Know the different diving certifications so you can explore the aquatic world in the best way.

Have you ever wondered: what would it feel like to breathe underwater? Or what will the aquatic world be like? Well what you probably need islearn to dive.

There are different ways to explore the aquatic world, because if we think about it, it is very wide since the world is made up of approximately 70% water.

But not only is it enough to put on the equipment and jump into the water and swim like a fish, no, it is a little more complicated since you have to learn the different techniques and of course to be able to control the equipment.

There are different diving certifications that you can find, choose the one that best suits your needs.

To become a professional it is necessary to go through all levels, we recommend that you go through the certifications little by little.

Of course you have to carry out the diving certifications, but make sure that the person who offers these classes is a qualified person certified by an international organization to carry out these activities, the most prestigious international diving organization is PADI.
You don’t need to be a very experienced swimmer or with a defined style, swimming knowledge is very basic, being able to stay afloat and not sink, is the only thing you need to know.

Now you must analyze all the diving certifications that there are and choose the one that you like the most or goes with your wishes.

Referral certification

If you left any of the certifications in diving unfinished this course is perfect since you can start where you left off and obtain your certification at the end.

Obviously you need to validate your previous knowledge, for that your last instructor should have given you some papers that certify what you have already learned, either the theory or some phase of practice.

Diving certifications: open water

This is the certification you need if you are just getting started in the wonderful world of diving, they are the perfect novice certifications.

With this certification you open your way to others since the restriction it has is that you can dive all over the world but only to a maximum depth of 18m, something that is not really bad at all.

Advanced open water

If you already have certifications in open water diving or did a referral then you can take the next step and become certified in open water at an advanced level.

Rescue certification

If your purposes are to swim constantly then you need to know that having the rescue certification is the best thing you can do, mainly for safety reasons, because diving is a lot of fun but safety is very important to know what you should do in cases emergency, you need to be an advanced open water diver and have a minimum of 40 logged dives and of course have knowledge of CPR and first aid.

DriveMaster Certification

After collecting a couple of scuba certifications, you can take this one that will bring you a little closer to the maximum level that a professional diver can achieve. Learn to lead diver team excursions, as well as strengthen your skills in the water and in situations. more complicated.

Instructor Development Course

This course has to be taught by a certified diving school, trained and with the appropriate facilities to do it.

This is the most important of all the diving certifications since it consists of developing courses, promoting them and carrying out academic sessions of theory and practice. It is so important as you must have all the knowledge to impart to new divers.

Aquaworld offers all these diving certifications so that you can learn with the most trained professionals and are ready to jump into the sea, happy diving.