Diving certifications in Cancun and the Riviera Maya

When it comes to diving professionally you can turn to the diving certifications in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, two of the favorite places for expert divers from all over the world.Professional diving is an activity that must be practiced with care, since in addition to requiring certain equipment it is necessary that you have a physical preparation that helps you keep your body in good condition underwater conditions.

Types of certifications

Referral Certification

This type of certification can be taken by those who have completed the academic and practical parts in a dive center. With a dive record or referral form issued by said center, you can access open water dives and leave Mexico as a certified diver.

The Aquaworld Referral Certification is completed in two days, with two tank dives per day. Only have one day? Then you can do the first part of the course that day and choose an upcoming date to complete it.

At Aquaworld we offer diving in Cancun with quality equipment and expert staff. We help you explore the Manchones reef and the Cancun Underwater Museum of Art, which is one of the greatest attractions under the waters of the Caribbean made by humans, for you to complete your hours of certification diving in shallow and calm waters.

If you are staying at one of the all-inclusive hotels in the Riviera Maya, we also have outings for you.

Open Water Diving Certification

This type of diving certification is ideal for those who have already completed the Aquaworld Discover Scuba course, as you will surely want to continue diving in Cancun so with a few more lessons and other hours of open water diving you can return home and say that you are a highly trained diver. You can finish this course or choose the certification whether you are in Cancun or on Cozumel Island.

Scuba Dive SDI diving certification in Cancun

If you want, you can complete the first two parts for the Open Water Certification in Cancun. You only need pool training plus a couple of dives in two days and then you will be certified as a Scuba Diver.With this certification you can go down to 12 meters without having to take the Discover Scuba; you can finish the full Open Water course afterwards. If you want more information you can call us by phone or leave us a message.

Divemaster certification

This type of SDI certification is also offered in Cancun and you should know that if you are a Divemaster you will take one more step to be a professional diver. You can enjoy the diving in Cancun and support the Aquaworld training team. You will be able to give instructions to the divers in the lounges and in the independent study sessions of Aquaworld, you can also strengthen your endurance and skills in the water while diving in Cancun. You can perform training exercises so that put your organizational skills to the test. The course includes pool exercises, ocean dives and practical reviews; you have the possibility to complete it in three weeks.

Rescue Certification

This certification is ideal for those who plan to dive frequently, since safety is very important when you are a diver, so you must know how to act in cases of emergency.

The requirements for this certification are to have 40 logged dives and to know how to do CPR and first aid maneuvers, plus you need to be a PADI advanced open water diver.

The Rescue Certification It will expand your knowledge and help you take into account the necessary measures for your safety and that of others. Learn to prevent problems and act in a possible emergency when diving in Cancun!

The Cancun diving course offered by Aquaworld includes a day of hands-on class in confined water plus two two-tank dives in the reefs in the area. As you become a professional diver you will have greater security and will be able to help your companions on each dive.