Diving certifications in CPR and First Aid.

First aid and CPR is one of thediving certifications that anyone involved in diving should have, knowing how to act in an emergency in the middle of an adventure is necessary for any diver.

The specialization in teaching rescue and resuscitation techniques is present at Aquaworld with the diving certifications that will make divers who take this course experts in first aid.

What is CPR?

With CPR we refer to cardiopulmonary resuscitation, it is a life-saving emergency procedure that is used when breathing has been lost or the heart stopped beating. The CPR technique combines mouth-to-mouth respiration that provides oxygen to the person’s lungs and cardiac compressions help keep the blood oxygenated, allowing circulation and thus restoring breathing and heart palpitations.

Diving certifications full of care and fun

CPR and first aid certification training begins with learning basic emergency medical skills in an upbeat and controlled space, that is, out of the water.

These diving certifications begin with a couple of courses in primary and secondary care, a total of eight different techniques are taught from supporting patients without a pulse, with an injured spine, in shock or who may have a strong hemorrhage.

CPR and non-professional rescue breaths are part of these diving certifications, in addition to including the use of the Automatic external defibrillator (DEA), prevention and treatment of shock, and risk management of disease transmission.

These diving certifications can be obtained thanks to a two-day course at Aquaworld, this course requires a combination of theoretical and practical study together with an instructor. In the courses emergency scenarios are presented to provide emergency situations and thus give the practitioner the techniques step by step.

Certifications of PADI

These diving certifications are associated with the PADI, this training organization has more than forty years of experience and has approximately 135,000 professionals and 5,700 diving shops and centers around the world, the services and training materials allow diving certifications in any of the centers.

Education for the PADI and all associated centers is of the utmost importance, since in this way it helps to obtain the certifications to thousands of divers who seek to become experts in this beautiful practice, the certifications range from learning to dive, improving techniques from diving or become a diving instructor.

Aquaworld It has several PADI certifications, so come and become an expert diver.