Diving for beginners under the sea of Cancun

If you are looking to practice diving in your next travel to CancunThere are different tours that will make this experience the most fun for you and your family.

Diving for beginners

If you are traveling with children or with people who for the first time immerse themselves in the crystal clear waters of Cancun to know the beautiful reefsThey only need a few minutes of class to understand how to practice shallow water diving.

Beginners should be people who are comfortable diving into the waters of Cancun, if they are not expert swimmers it does not matter. They will be able to practice diving independently with the guidance of a total expert who will transmit confidence in this beautiful “walk”, as well as learn to breathe to enter the water and learn about the beautiful reefs and the species that inhabit it.Mexican Caribbean.

There are several points that experts teach beginners when starting the great adventure of diving.

Prepare well

Diving is a sport that requires the most attention and preparation than any other, even if you are going to do it in an amateur way, it is always advisable to dive with some food in the stomach, but not too much, so try to dive for an hour or two after having consumed some food, diving is a sport that requires a lot of energy, so it is recommended that you do not practice it if you are fasting.

Control your breathing

When a person submerges it is natural for them to hold their breath, it is almost like a reflex even if they are wearing a diving equipmentHolding your breath too much can cause panic attacks, what experts recommend is to stay calm and immerse yourself in the water naturally, they will teach you to breathe with the equipment on, this action is very easy to develop.

Keep your diving goggles clean

It is normal for the lenses to fog up due to the change in temperatures that the body has at the time of descent, obviously it will not be possible to remove them and clean as you normally would, so before placing them you can clean them with an abrasive cleaner that the instructor must provide you If you are already submerged and do not have this cleaner then use this unorthodox technique: apply a little saliva to remove the fogging.

Equalize your ears

The change in pressure that occurs when diving is very evident throughout the body, especially in the ears, becoming annoying, especially if you are not used to it, to avoid it you have to equalize the ears by covering the nostrils and blowing until you hear a ‘plop’, in this way you get used to it little by little until this strange sensation stops.

Make small movements

The water is 800 times denser than air, so any movement you make will be 800 times slower, so your effort will have to be greater, try to move slowly so as not to get tired too soon and you can enjoy diving around from the beautiful coral reefs of Cancun.

Rise slowly

Experts always recommend making slow ascents to avoid sudden changes in pressure, as a general rule whenever you are underwater (the distance does not matter) you should ascend slowly, preferably much slower than the column of bubbles that you emit in each If you want to learn or have your children dive, you can go to AquaworldThey have experts who teach the practice of diving correctly and have the best tours to enjoy this activity. They also havecertifications to become an expert diver.

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