Diving for children in Cancun, over 10 years old

Diving in the sea and getting in touch with the life that lives there is an unbeatable experience and what better way to do a diving for kids in Cancun and thus enjoy this magnificent experience with the family.

The only essential requirement is that the children know how to swim, in addition to the teacher diving suitable Everyone can learn to do this great activity.

Some considerations about diving for children in Cancun

The first point to consider, to know if diving for children in Cancun will be the best, is the predisposition shown towards this activity; in other words, how comfortable you are playing in the water.

In addition to that, you have to observe their capacity for self-control and discipline. Let us remember that these two aspects will be of vital importance for the development of the activity, since it is very dangerous when a person loses self-control or despairs while in the water.

The best time of year for a child to start learning is summer; and the best thing is that it is in calm waters. The important thing is that the little one feels safe and protected, and that the entire teaching process takes place in a play environment so that he can enjoy the activity.

At what age can you start learn to dive?

It is difficult to give a single answer to this question. Each child is different and, therefore, each one will be ready to start diving at different ages. However, it has been seen that, more or less, at the age of 8 many children can already begin to learn the basics of diving; Of course, as long as they can swim and feel comfortable in the water.

At these ages, depths no greater than 7 meters are recommended. Children must be accompanied by an adult who is certified to teach this aquatic activity. Your tank should not be more than 5 liters, or otherwise it may be difficult for a child to carry it and they should wear a wetsuit of their size.

Diving with children in Cancun at Aquaworld facilities

At Aquaworld we have several activities for diving with children in Cancun, and ensure that everyone can participate, therefore, for greater safety, a minimum age of 10 years has been established. There are three diving options for children in Cancun that are offered at Aquaworld: the Discover Scuba package, Scuba Diver open water diving certification and referral certification.

The Discover Scuba course is aimed at all those people who have never dived, it is a good starting point for a child to start experimenting with this activity. You will be taught all the theoretical bases of diving, and then dive for the first time in a special pool for training. Once the child has become familiar with the equipment and the feeling of using it, he will dive for the first time in the sea of Cancun. Throughout the process you will be accompanied by a certified instructor.

On the other hand, the diving certification In open water it is for those who have already taken the Discovery Scuba course or for those who are interested in diving. The certificate allows diving to a depth of 18 meters.

Finally, the referral certification is for those who have already started their diving training in their place of origin and want to do the dive to obtain their certificate. Simply present a dive log, signed by your instructor, and do 2 dives over 2 days at Aquaworld.

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