Diving for Kids in Cancun: Share The Experience

Scuba diving in Cancun is one of the best experiences one can acquire from their vacation in Cancun. That is why we believe that such an experience should not be limited to a few. Diving for kids in Cancun is something you can do here!

So what can your kids do besides enjoy the surroundings of your waterfront hotel ? With pride we can tell you that at Aquaworld your kids can take part with you in your adventure of the Caribbean Sea. The minimum age for any diver is 10 years. There is no prior experience required to become a diver. Our services are available in Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Cozumel Island.

Is it safe for kids to dive in Cancun?

scuba diving in cancun

Since the minimum age of diving has been kept at a mere 10 years, it is only natural for parents to be worried about the safety of their children. However, we believe that kids at a young age develop a curiosity to learn new things, and this is what drives them to be good divers in the future. Because of their knowledge of science and geography, they can easily relate the new surrounding to their existing knowledge and learn the basics of diving. Their curiosity is a driving factor for them to be good at diving.

Though learning how to dive at a young age is a good idea, we have some criteria to judge if the child is capable of diving.

How Can I Tell if My Kid is Ready to Dive?


We take into account the willingness of the child to dive. Because a genuine eagerness to dive is the most important factor, forcing a child against their wishes can be fatal to their wellbeing. Scuba diving for kids in Cancun is something wonderful but safety comes first!
Ensuring mental and physical fitness is our priority. If not, then it will be difficult for the child to cope up with the entirely new surrounding that is filled with marine life and a whole different perception.
Though prior diving experience is not mandatory (but a plus point), the child needs to know how to swim. They will have to pass a short swimming test under the care of our experienced divers.
The child needs to have a good attention span to listen and understand the briefing for new divers. There will be some important things said about diving and it is a must to keep all the points in mind. Not only this, but they will also have to apply the things they learn in their briefing, to the practice sessions as well.
Anyway, we at Aquaworld pay great attention to safety and security, especially when it comes to children. No need to stress over your kid’s first dive!

How is it beneficial for kids to dive in Cancun?

Diving in the waters of Cancun will give them a completely new sight to their world. What they had learned through their textbooks will come alive as they swim across the sea. The pictures of the books will come alive in front of them, as they learn more about the animals and plants they will witness there.
Our guides will make sure that your child receives enough information in the tour to enlighten them on the environment and the world. This is not only a fun dive tour but an educational tour that will help your child know more about the world. Also, here are some great Aquaworld tours for families with kids, check them out!